Meaning of “Oh Klahoma” by Jack Stauber

According to the Jack Stauber Wiki, the narrative of “Oh Klahoma” revolves around the vocalist trying to console a distraught friend, with the setting being a party. And said friend’s name would be “Klahoma”, thus explaining the titular wordplay.

Overall, the lyrics are not only compelling but also, to some degree, ambiguous and therefore have been interpreted in some very-colorful ways. But the closing of the chorus, in which Jack asserts that “those aren’t meant to bend”, gives the poetic impression that what it is which has Klahoma distraught, generally speaking, is having been stabbed in the back by a friend(s).

“Tears falling down at the party
Saddest little baby in the room
Fears, tell me fears, don’t get me started
I get a little grey hair for every scare you share
Those aren’t meant to bend
No, those aren’t meant to bend
Those aren’t meant to bend
No, those aren’t meant to bend”

When was “Oh Klahoma” released?

On 20th March, 2017, “Oh Klahoma” was released. It’s the first single and second track of “Pop Food”, Stauber’s third album.

Writing and Producing credits

Stauber has been credited as the sole writer and producer for “Oh Klahoma”.

“Oh Klahoma” was one of the trending songs under #ghostphotoshoot. The track accompanied videos of creators dressing up as ghosts, where they mostly wore a big, white sheet covering their heads and body, and sunglasses to top off the look.

Oh Klahoma

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