“Jealous Guy” by Roxy Music

As this track’s title implies, the narrator admits that his jealousy is causing more harm to the relationship and to his lover.

In the beginning, the singer predicts that the reason for his unruly behavior towards his partner is the fear of his past. He was probably heartbroken by someone else in a previous relationship hence his fear of the same thing happening. According to him, certain signs similar to the events that took place in his past may have triggered his emotions and caused him to feel insecure about his current relationship.

Throughout “Jealous Guy”, the singer renders what appears to be an apology for his behavior by stating that it was not his true intention to hurt or cause pain to his partner. According to him, his behavior was only a defense mechanism for his insecurity and to hide his fear of losing his partner. He understands that his jealous behavior is detrimental to their bond and is willing to take the first step of reconciliation by first admitting this major flaw.

“Jealous Guy” Facts

  • Principal Artist(s): Roxy Music
  • Writing: John Lennon
  • Release: February 1981
  • Album/EP: “Jealous Guy”

Roxy Music’s “Jealous Guy” belongs to the synthpop and pop rock genres of music.

In terms of its performance on the charts, it did best on the UK Singles Chart, where it rose to the number 1 spot.

This is actually not an original song from Roxy Music. Actually “Jealous Guy” was written and originally released by the late John Lennon. Roxy Music’s version is just one of the many covers of this Lennon classic. And being one of the hit songs in the 1980s, lots of singers/artists produced their renditions of the song. Another popular cover was done by Roberto Bellarosa in 2012

Did Roxy Music release “Jealous Guy” as a single?

Yes. It was however, a non-album single.

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