“Woman” by John Lennon

The musician (John Lennon) portrays the love and admiration he has for his partner with this tune (“Woman”).

The singer metaphorically defines “Woman” in his intro. The first stanza of the song is centered on his appreciation for his partner. He goes on to say the partner revealed to him the real meaning of being successful; here he is equating his success to having a supportive companion and not his career.

The second verse talks about the singer being fragile and reminding his spouse that he is nothing without her. He also goes further to re-affirm that they will never be separated even if they are not together. He additionally claims that their everlasting love was fate.

In his final stanza he apologizes for the sadness he had caused earlier in their relationship. He cleverly ends the verse with a reassurance which leads into the outro.

Yoko Ono’s Song

John Lennon wrote the song in dedication of his wife named Yoko Ono. He also stated in a report with Rolling Stone magazine that even though he wrote the song with his wife in mind, it can also be interpreted universally for all women.

Facts about “Woman”

  • Main Artist: John Lennon
  • Writing: Lennon
  • Production: Lennon and his wife Yoko in conjunction with Jack Douglas
  • Release: January of 1981
  • Album: Lennon’s “Double Fantasy” album


This can be best described as a soft rock song.

“Woman” on the Charts

  • United States: 2
  • United Kingdom: 1


Due to the popularity of the song, other well-known artists recorded their versions of it. These singers include:

  • Ozzy Osbourne in 2005
  • Brotherhood of Man in 1981

Did John Lennon release “Woman” as a single?

Certainly. This was the second single to be released from his 1980 album entitled “Double Fantasy”.

Other singles from “Double Fantasy”

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