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Oh, ah
Oh, ah, yeah
Oh, ah
Oh, ah, ah
Oh, ah-ah
Oh-oh-oh, ah-ah, yeah

Ah, oh, oh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh

I am bottled fizzy water
And you are shaking me up
You are a fingernail running down
The chalkboard I thought I left in third grade
Now my only consolation
Is that this could not last forever
Even though you’re singing and thinking
How well you’ve got it made

Who are you?
When will you be through
Yeah, it’s just a phase
It will be over soon
Yeah, it’s just a phase
Yeah, it’s just a

Call it women’s intuition
But I think I’m on to something here
Temporaryism has been the Black Plague
And the Jesus of our age
I know that I sound opinionated
Maybe biased and quite possibly jaded
But sooner than later they’ll be throwing
Quarters at you on stage

Who are you?
When will you be through
Yeah, it’s just a phase
It will be over soon
Yeah, it’s just a
Phase, and I’m waiting for it to be over, too

Yeah, oh-oh
Yeah, oh-oh
Yeah, oh-oh
Yeah, oh-oh
Yeah, oh-oh
Yeah, oh-oh

Full Lyrics

In the sweeping tapestry that is Incubus’s musical oeuvre, ‘Just A Phase’ stands out not just for its haunting melodies and dynamic shifts, but for the profound lyrical depth contained within its verses. It’s a piece that invites the listener into a world of introspection and personal evolution, a journey that is both universal and deeply individualistic.

Through the artful turns of phrase and Brandon Boyd’s impassioned delivery, the lyrics of ‘Just A Phase’ evoke images of change, growth, and the impermanence of life’s moments. It’s a song that manages to straddle the realms of the deeply personal and the ardently philosophical, a balancing act that few bands can negotiate with such deft precision as Incubus.

The Vibrations of Emotion: Interpreting Incubus’s Fizzy Bottle Metaphor

Incubus kicks off ‘Just A Phase’ with a bold metaphor – likening the emotional human experience to a ‘bottled fizzy water’ being agitated. It’s a striking image that perfectly encapsulates the bottled-up energy and tension that comes with being human, especially under the influence of external forces (‘you are shaking me up’) that challenge our sense of stability and peace.

This metaphor extends to the annoyance and discomfort of ‘a fingernail running down the chalkboard,’ suggesting that something, or someone, is dragging up past feelings or insecurities (‘I thought I left in third grade’) we believed were left behind. It’s a nod to the recurring nature of personal struggles and the often cyclical process of emotional growth.

Temporaryism and The Plague of the Modern Age

In a stroke of existential insight, Boyd alludes to ‘temporaryism’ as the ‘Black Plague and the Jesus of our age,’ an incisive commentary on society’s fleeting obsessions and the transitory nature of worldly success. Incubus is touching on the notion that society today is fixated on the temporary, with experiences and achievements feeling ephemeral, akin to a plague that ravages and then moves on to its next victim.

Yet, there’s also an implied redemption in these lyrics. Just as the historical Jesus brought a promise of salvation, the recognition of life’s impermanent nature can lead to a freeing acknowledgment of truth under the superficial. The band urges the listener to grapple with the idea that perhaps in embracing life’s temporality, one finds the path to a deeper sense of purpose.

Phase or Fate? The Hidden Meaning Behind the Chorus

At the heart of ‘Just A Phase’ is the powerful, chant-like chorus that repeats the contemplative phrase, ‘it’s just a phase.’ This declaration serves as both a reassurance and a reflection—the assurance that whatever trials we face are only temporary, while simultaneously facing the philosophical query of whether our entire existence is merely a series of phases, constantly shedding skins only to find new layers underneath.

The repetition of this phrase throughout the song embellishes it with a mantra-like quality, drilling into the listener’s consciousness the inevitability of change and the importance of enduring through hard times with the knowledge that they will indeed pass.

The Transformation of the Artist: A Commentary on Personal Growth

There is an intriguing duality to the lyrics that seems to reflect the band’s self-awareness of its place in the public eye. Boyd’s musings on becoming a public commodity (‘throwing quarters at you on stage’) is a candid reflection on the nature of fame and the commodification of artistry.

Beneath this lament, however, is a more hopeful subtext—a belief in the resilience of the artist and the ability to evolve past the expectations and judgments of the crowd. Incubus suggests that through the terrain of change lies the potential for artistic and personal rebirth.

Unforgettable Lines: The Enduring Power of a Simple Question

‘Who are you? When will you be through?’ These simple lines become a poetic echo throughout the track, inspiring listeners to ponder their own identity amidst the frenetic chaos of life transitions. Each orchestration of this phrase seems to ask us to evaluate our core essence beyond the phases we endure.

The lyrics strike a chord by pushing the audience to consider how much of what we go through truly defines us, and how much is simply noise—a distraction from our authentic selves. These memorable lines connect with anyone who has ever found themselves in a period of uncertainty or self-doubt, beckoning us to look inward for true resolution.

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