“Just Another Day” by Jon Secada

John Secada’s “Just Another Day” is a love song along the lines of the vocalist feeling as if the addressee is treating him unfairly. Or perhaps we can say more holistically that the addressee is not reciprocating his level of love for her. 

Thus, what the titular phrase points to, more simply explained than as presented in the chorus, is the singer painfully counting the days go by without his sweetheart. 

The way Jon perceives the situation is apparently under the impression that she could spend more time with him if she really wanted but is not making that much of an effort to do so. Or in any event, he clearly isn’t convinced that she’s feening to be with him as is vice versa. So for now Secada is forced to tough the situation out, i.e. being devoid of his significant other on a regular basis.

Jon Secada, "Just Another Day" Lyrics

When was “Just Another Day” released?

Jon Secada was a notable undergraduate music scholar who went on to become a backup singer for Miami Sound Machine (i.e. Gloria Estefan). Then in the early 1990s, he ventured out on his own solo-single career with his debut album, which is a self-titled effort. 

The said LP stands as the all-around most-successful in his discography, in large part due to the inclusion “Just Another Day”, which is Jon’s biggest hit single.

This track was released on 24 March 1992 through SBK Records. 

Song’s Success

On its own, “Just Another Day” peaked at number 5 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart. It was a chart topper in Canada and Sweden. The song’s success didn’t end there as it went on to enjoy chart success in over a dozen other countries. 

To note, concerning the overall success of “Just Another Day”, there is a Spanish version of this song which is titled “Otro Día Más Sin Verte”. That particular rendition reached number one on the US Hot Latin Songs list, as well as in Panama and Uruguay. Furthermore it also served as the title track to Secada’s first Spanish album, which also came out in 1992.

Did Jon Secada write “Just Another Day”?

Yes, he did. Jon Secada, who is of Cuban descent, wrote this hit single with Miguel Morejon. 

The producer of the track is Emilio Estefan, who himself is a decorated Cuban-American musician.

Just Another Day

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