“Heaven’s What I Feel” by Gloria Estefan

The term “heaven” is one of the most commonly used metaphors in American music history. Usually, it is utilized to point to a gratifying romance, as is the case in this song. However, this is not a simple case of “you make me feel like heaven”. 

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Rather a subplot of this narrative is that both the vocalist and her lover, i.e. the addressee, are committed to other partners. But since they do enjoy each other’s company so much, as implied by the title, the singer has fallen head over heels nonetheless, ‘breaking all the rules of love’ in the process. 

So by the time all is said and done, we don’t know if the pair actually remain together or not.  But the implication would be that they do, considering how thoroughly smitten the vocalist has become.

Gloria Estefan, "Heaven's What I Feel" Lyrics

“Heaven’s What I Feel” Facts

Artist(s): Gloria Estefan
Album/EP: “gloria!” 

Was “Heaven’s What I Feel” a single release?

Yes. It was the first single from Gloria’s “gloria!” album. May 5th of 1998 was the date Gloria and her team officially made it commercially available to the world.

Writing and Production

It was written by Kike Santander. The production credits belong to Emilio Estefan and Jr. Kike Santander. Gloria played no role in the composition of “Heaven’s What I Feel”.

Gloria Estefan discusses "Heaven's What I Feel"


  • Dance
  • House


In 1999, “Heaven’s What I Feel” was nominated for “Best Dance Recording” at the Grammys but it lost to the hit song, “Ray of Light” by Madonna. The category included:

Chart Performance of “Heaven’s What I Feel”

  • US – 27
  • UK – 17
  • Japan – 3
  • Hungary – 3

Movie Appearances

“Heaven’s What I Feel” featured in a 1998 movie, “Dance with Me”. The movie starred Chayanne (a Puerto Rican singer) and Vanessa Williams.

Gloria Estefan’s “Gloria!” Album

Heaven’s What I Feel is the first and lead single of the eighth studio album of American singer and songwriter Gloria Estefan. The album was titled Gloria! It was apparently named after her.

The entire album was produced by her husband Emilio Estefan Gómez. The recording took place at the Crescent Moon Studios, Miami.

Epic Records officially released the project on June 2, 1998. 

The original compilation of Gloria! comprises eleven songs from genres of pop, dance, Latin-pop, and house music.

After its release, singles from Gloria! smashed global hits and gave the entire album a generally positive global reception. Three singles from the album, including Heaven’s What I Feel appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1998.

Heaven's What I Feel

Gloria! peaked at number 1 on the Spanish albums chart. It reached number 16 on U.K.’s official Album’s Chart. And in the United States, it hit number 23 on Billboard’s 200 charts.

It’s success didn’t end there! It went on to sell over one million copies internationally. In addition, it has received multiple gold and platinum certifications from U.S.A. (RIAA) and several European certification corporations. 

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