Justin Timberlake’s “Pusher Love Girl” Lyrics Meaning

In “Pusher Love Girl”, Justin Timberlake compares his lover to a drug dealer who ensures that he’s totally addicted to her. The word ‘pusher’ is actually slang for a drug dealer and Justin implies that he feels hooked to her love just like an addict to a drug.

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The singer tells his lover that she doesn’t even have to get his permission because he’s addicted to her love. For him, loving her is just like getting high and he’s not ready to come down because he wants their love to last a lifetime. He iterates the captivating feeling of falling deep in love with someone during the early stages if a relationship.

In the song, Justin is confident that his girl loves him back the same way and their love is so strong. He describes that he’s so hooked because she showed a sample of her drug (love), and he doesn’t want to let go because of the high feeling it gives him. He ends by acknowledging that he’s a junkie who cannot live without her love.

Justin has explained that the song is about being so in love with someone that you feel high whenever you’re with them. He likens Love to dopamine which is a drug.

FYI, it is believed that this song was about his then girlfriend, Jessica Biel. Justin and Jessica eventually got married in 2012.

Lyrics of "Pusher Love Girl"

Facts about “Pusher Love Girl”

  • Justin Timberlake wrote this song with support from Timbaland, James Fauntleroy, and J-Roc.
  • Timberlake produced “Pusher Love Girl”. However, he didn’t do so all by himself. He received assistance from J-Roc and Timbaland (both of whom co-wrote this tune).
  • Recording of this song took place in 2010. It was released as part of Timberlake’s 3rd studio album The 20/20 Experience, which came out on the 15th of March 2013.
  • This slow-tempo R&B tune had a moderate performance on the charts in several regions. In 2013, it managed to hit #64 on America’s Hot 100. In the UK, the song failed to enter the top 100. However, it was quite successful in Japan, where it reached #15 in 2013.
  • Timberlake performed this song live at the Grammy Awards in 2013. A year after that performance, the song claimed the award for the category of Best R&B Song at the 2014 edition of the Grammy Awards.

Multiple Covers

Since its release, “Pusher Love Girl” has been covered by different singers. Some artists who have covered this track include English musician, Brett Domino and American electropop artist, RUNAGROUND.

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