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All I give are little clues
Maybe one day I’ll get through
There is nothing I can do
I’ll just keep on lying to you

I only need to say its true
Your poor little heart already knew
But there is nothing you can do
I’ll just keep on lying to you

Should my cover ever blow
Would you ever let it go?
There is something you should know
But hell if I’d ever let it show

So here I am, trying to be strong
It was noon, now my shadow’s long
I guess I’ll go and tell you just as soon as I
Get to the end of this song
To the end of this song, to the end of this song
To the end of this song, to the end of this song

The curse has won again
Soon I’ll be alone
Take all you can
But please understand
It never really was love

All I give are little clues
Maybe one day I’ll get through
But there is nothing you can do
I’ll just keep on lying to you

Full Lyrics

At first glance, Tame Impala’s ‘Keep On Lying’ could easily blend into the psychedelic rock landscape as another ethereal soundscape mastered by the music savant Kevin Parker. Yet, beneath the hypnotic guitar riffs and vintage synth, there lies a compelling narrative of dishonesty, self-delusion, and the human condition.

This song, nestled within the band’s critically acclaimed album ‘Lonerism’, acts as a confessional booth—a medium where Parker, cloaked in his hazy daze of sound, negotiates with his secrets. The track doesn’t merely resonate; it induces introspection, holding up a mirror to the listener’s own experiences of truth and falsehood.

Decoding the Layers of Truth in Psychedelia

Kevin Parker, the architect behind Tame Impala, is no stranger to themes that dissect the corners of the human mind. In ‘Keep On Lying’, Parker takes this a step further by chronicling the weight of perpetuating a falsehood. The song’s verses are entrancing, yet the repetition of lines like ‘I’ll just keep on lying to you’ thrusts the listener into a spiral of consternation. It’s a hypnotic confession of one’s own lies becoming their truth.

The melody, swirling with waves of emotional ambivalence, captures the listener in a state of limbo—a space between the ease of deceit and the gravity of revelation. As Parker repeats, ‘Maybe one day I’ll get through,’ we realize the depth of his paradoxical hope, a hope to escape the cycle of deceit, yet also to remain ensconced within its protective sheath.

The Haunting Echoes of ‘It Never Really Was Love’

Toward the song’s climax, there is a shift where Parker delivers the stark line: ‘It never really was love.’ This line slices through the song’s ambiguous narrative like a sharp knife, providing a jarring moment of clarity. The acknowledgment of love’s absence is both a surrender to the truth and an admission of the depths of his deception. It serves as a bolt from the blue that suddenly makes all previous fabrications crumble.

As we are caught in the whirlpool of swirling instruments and shifting tempos, the lyrics offer a stark juxtaposition to the track’s dreamlike quality. This divergence punctuates the theme of the song, emphasizing the dissonance between what is felt and what is presented.

In the Shadows of the Self: Personal Reflection in ‘Keep On Lying’

Parker’s self-aware introspection finds a dwelling in ‘Keep On Lying.’ He narrates an evolution of self throughout the day, metaphorically represented by the shadow’s elongation in ‘It was noon, now my shadow’s long.’ This line is a reflection on the passage of time and the looming promise or threat of truth that grows as the day wanes—an impending confrontation with self that can no longer be bathed in the light of day.

The track, subtle in its approach, forces the listener to confront their own shadows. Are we not all privy to our own self-deceit at some point? The song doesn’t just flirt with the idea of lying to others; it probes deeper into the lies we tell ourselves, the ones we live with, and the comfort we find in those shadows.

The Abstruse Emotional Mosaic Behind ‘Maybe One Day I’ll Get Through’

The song’s structure revolves around a series of elusive, almost desperate, attempts to bridge a communication gap epitomized by the repetition of ‘Maybe one day I’ll get through.’ This yearning to connect, to confess—or perhaps, to be understood—adds a razor-edge to the placid tone of the track.

Throughout the song, this statement reflects the singer’s internal struggle to maintain his facade while still nurturing the faint hope of redemption. The simplicity of the lyrics clashes with the complexity of the sentiment, crafting an emotionally charged tug-of-war that is the signature of many Tame Impala creations.

The Sonic Journey: How Music Embellishes the Tale of Deception

Tame Impala’s ‘Keep On Lying’ uses its soundscape to reinforce the song’s themes. Parker’s production prowess shines in his adept layering of instrumentation that starts subdued but builds into a cacophony paralleling the spellbinding tumult of his lies. The music itself becomes a form of deceit—an enchanting veil that blurs the boundaries between truth and lie.

As the layers of synths, guitar, and static noise ebb and flow, they paint an aural portrait befitting the song’s narrative of duplicity. The bridge, featuring dialogues obscured by the music, encapsulates the message: the truth is present but drowned out by the loudness of Parker’s continued lies. The song becomes a full sensory experience, with each note fueling the allegory he pens in his lyrics.

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