“Kolors” by Monte Booker (ft. Smino)

The narrative of “Kolors” is primarily based on the singer recounting his interactions with a certain romantic interest. And the lyrical gimmick used throughout is that he name drops various colors in reference to different aspects of the story being told. For instance, he uses “purple” and “green” in relation to his affinity for weed. And “yellow”, as used in the pre-chorus, is apparently a shoutout to his hair. Then he speaks of the lady being “blue”. This apparently points to the idea of her being depressed due to a failed relationship – and so on.

This track was produced by Monte Booker, who also co-wrote the song alongside Smino.  And for the record, they are both part of a musical collective known as Zero Fatigue.

“Kolors” was released by a label called Soulection on 1 January 2015. And it is featured on a Monte Booker EP entitled “Soulection White Label: 016”.

During its heyday, this song had proven to be extremely popular on Twitter. According to reports, it is utilized on millions of videos on the platform.

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