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No L’s – Decoding His Psychedelic Trip Through Self-Discovery

St. Louis-born rapper Smino flexes his lyrical prowess in ‘No L’s,’ a track that operates on multiple levels, evoking both a whimsical trip of the mind and a journey deep into the psyche. Known for his melodic flow and creative wordplay, Smino doesn’t just pen songs; he paints auditory landscapes brimming with color and life.

Amphetamine – Unraveling the Layers of Smino’s Psychedelic Journey

At the intersection of poetic profundity and melodic alchemy, Smino’s ‘Amphetamine’ stands as an elusive narrative, dense with metaphor and emotion. On the surface, it may seem like just another track laying bare the intricacies of inner turmoil and the desire for escapism. However, Smino’s verses are a labyrinth of personal reflection, societal observation, and a raw, unfiltered look at the mechanics of coping.

Wild Irish Roses – Unraveling the Symbolism in Smino’s Sonic Tapestry

Wild Irish Roses, a track from Smino’s 2018 album, ‘NOIR,’ is a lush soundscape that invites listeners into a world of sensual escapades and aromatic escapism. At a cursory glance, the song’s smooth, soulful beat accompanied by Smino’s melodic cadence serve as a backdrop to a night out seeking pleasure and good company.

90 Proof

“90 Proof” by Smino & J. Cole

Smino uses this song (“90 Proof”) primarily for romantic purposes. That is to say that the addressee of his lyrics is his significant other, i.e. the woman whom, it would seem, has compelled the rapper...

Monte Booker

“Kolors” by Monte Booker (ft. Smino)

The narrative of “Kolors” is primarily based on the singer recounting his interactions with a certain romantic interest. And the lyrical gimmick used throughout is that he name drops various colors in reference to different aspects of...