“Labyrinth” by Loredana

Content-wise “Labyrinth” is more or less a standard modern-day rap song, despite coming from a part of the world not normally associated with the genre. For instance, the titular “labyrinth” is actually a metaphor for Loredana’s “new house”, as in it being so big that she “cannot find (her) way out”.

So basically this track features the rapper bragging about her wealth, bling and all.  And in the process of it all she even, in a roundabout way, gives a shoutout to the birthplace of rap, New York City, by namedropping the Notorious B.I.G. And on top of being rich, Loredana presents herself as someone who turns heads with her looks and is a boss lady in general.

Facts about “Labyrinth”

  • Within its first 24 hours of release, “Labyrinth” garnered one-million clicks. And Loredana’s husband, fellow Kosovar rapper Mozzik, publicly acknowledged this accomplishment.
  • Loredana wrote this track herself, with production being handled by German producers Miksu and Macloud.
  • Released on 7 June 2019, “Labyrinth” serves as the lead single from Loredana’s debut album. This album is titled King Lori.

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