Taylor Swift’s “Labyrinth” Lyrics Meaning

Thankfully, “Labyrinth” is one Taylor Swift’s songs in which there doesn’t appear to be any elaborate theories circulating as to which of her romantic interests may have inspired it. But this is, once again, a love song we’re dealing with, as romance seems to be her favorite topic.

The thesis sentiment of this piece does not revolve around the vocalist simply falling in love. Instead, what the title points to, as utilized in the second verse, is Taylor being ‘lost in the labyrinth of her mind’. 

All lyrics considered, that’s a fancy way of saying that she has already suffered from romantic disappointments. These romantic disappointments are so profound that the idea of “falling in love again” isn’t one that she’s realistically entertaining. But lo and behold, then comes this addressee into her life which has the vocalist wondering how he was able to turn that disposition around.

So as we have noted in the past, ultimately there’s only so many ways you can flip a love song. And with that said, this can be generally classified as one of those types in which the singer is celebrating being unexpectedly smitten, though the lyrics themselves aren’t necessarily celebratory. 

That is to say that Taylor does a good job of inferring that she may appreciate the addressee alright but at the same time is not being overly confident that this swiftly-found romance, as genuine as it may be at the moment, will actually last.

Lyrics for Taylor Swift's "Labyrinth"

Interesting to Note

Earlier in 2022, Taylor Swift actually received an honorary doctorate from the prestigious New York University, in the field of Fine Arts. And a certain line from the heavily-poetic first verse of “Labyrinth” was derived from the speech she gave when receiving that degree.

Credits for “Labyrinth”

The entirety of this song was written by Taylor Swift. She composed it in conjunction with Jack Antonoff. The aforementioned pair of accomplished musicians also worked together to produce “Labyrinth”.

Release of “Labyrinth”

“Labyrinth” can be found on the standard edition of “Midnights”, Swift’s album that was released through Republic Records on 21 October 2022.

There are a number of outstanding songs on “Midnights”. “Labyrinth” holds the distinction of being one of these songs. Others include:


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