Lalah Hathaway’s “Y O Y” Lyrics Meaning

In “Y O Y”, singer Lalah Hathaway takes on the role of someone who is, from her perspective, being mistreated in a relationship. The nature of this affiliation – whether it is romantic, familial, platonic or same-sex friendly – is unspecified. However, Lalah is so devastated by its destruction that she repeatedly questions why such is so, specifically how can the other person treat her so poorly.

For instance, she states that she has tried the keep their communications cordial. Yet at the same time the other person was being dishonest. So she wonders why that person has done so.

She then concludes that it is best to terminate the relationship. She finds it hard to believe that the other person doesn’t recognize all of the love she vested into the association as well as the good times they had in each other’s company. So that makes her even more inquisitive concerning her ill-treatment. In fact she feels an essential necessity to get these pressing questions answered. Hence the title of the song, “Y O Y”, which is basically “Why Oh Why”.

Y O Y lyrics

Facts about “Y O Y”

  • Writer(s): This song was written by Tiffany “TGooch” Gouché and Lalah Hathaway.
  • Producers(s): TGooch and Lalah Hathaway also produced the track
  • Album/EP: This is the eighth track off of Lalah Hathaway’s 2017 album Honestly.
  • Release Date: This track was released on 3 November 2017.
  • Record Label: The labels behind this track are Hathaway Entertainment and eOne Music.
  • Interesting Stuff: Tiffany Gouché, a singer in her own regard, produced the entirety of Lalah Hathaway’s Grammy-nominated Honestly. Furthermore, she also contributed additional vocals to the song.

Did “Y O Y” win a Grammy Award?

It received a nomination in the Best R&B Performance category at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in 2019. For that award, it competed with songs such as Toni Braxton’s “Long as I Live” and The Carters’ “Summer“.

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