Mabel’s “Don’t Call Me Up” Lyrics Meaning

British singer-songwriter Mabel’s “Don’t Call Me Up” is not your average breakup song. In fact the breakup has already occurred. So now the time has come when the singer is hammering home the idea to her ex that the relationship is really and truly dead, at least from her perspective, as she is totally no longer interested in him.

According to Mabel, a real life experience inspired the lyrics of this song. However, it is not an attempt to publicize one of her own past romances. Rather it is about taking a stance and letting a (ex) partner know that you are not giving them another shot. And this disposition is not based on cold-heartedness on her part but rather an acknowledgment by the artist that she has sincerely vested her heart into the relationship, but these emotions were not reciprocated.

"Don't Call Me Up" lyrics

So now we find her ex apparently disturbed that she is out having a “good time” without him, while he is alone feeling “hot” for her physically. But when Mabel looks back on what she went through in the relationship, she realizes that she is “stronger” without him. As such, she is not only letting him know that she has moved on with her life but also that he shouldn’t waste his time trying to hit her up. 

In fact at this point, all it takes is one drink while chillin’ at the club, and just like that, he’s forgotten. In other words, she’s having the time of her life while in contrast her ex is in both mental and physical anguish over losing her. And what’s more, she doesn’t give a damn as the feelings she had for him are now a thing of the past.

What has Mabel said about this song?

According to Mabel, “Don’t Call Me Up” is a breakup song laden with a positive message. She referred to the song as one that inspires someone whose been through a breakup to be strong – strong enough to tell their ex who treated them unfairly that enough is enough. They had their chance. They messed the chance up, and now is too late. It’s over!

 Facts about “Don’t Me Call Up”

  • Mabel worked with two notable songwriters (Steve Mac and Camille Purcell) to compose this song.
  • Mac not only co-wrote this song, he also took care of the production in its entirety.
  •  On 18 January 2019, Polydor Records released “Don’t Call Me Up”, making it commercially available for purchase as well as streaming.
  • “Don’t Call Me Up” was released as the fifth single from Mabel’s debut mixtape entitled Ivy to Roses.

Who sings the background vocals on “Don’t Call Me Up”?

They are sung by Camille Purcell (who also co-wrote the song).

How did “Don’t Call Me Up” perform on the charts?

It performed quite well. Not only did it top the UK R&B Singles Chart, but it also entered the top 5 of the UK Singles Chart. Furthermore, it made it into the top 10 in a number of countries, including Norway, Ireland and Scotland.

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