“Mad Love” by Mabel

Mabel’s “Mad Love” is a true definition of an intimate song! In this song, Mabel is singing to a particular “boy” who is “looking like (her) type”, meaning that she is physically attracted to him. And she is strongly entertaining the idea of spending a romantic evening with this person. However, if she decides to do so, he must be in the position to “put it down”, “all night”.  This is her way of letting him know that she wants to be satisfactorily ‘handled’. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Mabel's Mad Love at Lyrics.org.

Or in summation, this song is based on her desire to receive “mad”, as in plenty, of “love” throughout the duration of the entire night.

Lyrics of "Mad Love"

Writing and Production of “Mad Love”

Mabel wrote this song. However, she didn’t do the writing all by herself. She co-wrote it with songwriters Steve Mac and Kamille. FYI, the pair also helped her write “Don’t Call Me Up”, the single she released prior to this one, which to date has been her biggest hit. Moreover just as with that song, Steve Mac also served as producer on this one.      

Song’s Release Date

Polydor Records released “Mad Love” on 7 June 2019 as the second single from Mabel’s album High Expectations. The first single from that album was “Don’t Call Me Up”.

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