“Macho Man” by Village People

Village People’s “Macho Man” tries to explain how every guy wants to develop a body stature that looks appealing, especially to the opposite sex. The word “macho” mostly refers to a muscular body which according to the singers looks very attractive to the ladies.

They also highlight the routine that one has to go through in order to gain that body physique.

In the chorus, the singers express their desire to develop that appealing body shape. They describe this “macho” body as hot and also indicate that people of that size are mostly seen as leaders. In most cases, the term “macho” is synonymous to strength and power. In this song, the singers urge all men to develop their muscles in order to find their freedom and confidence.

When was “Macho Man” released?

“Macho Man” was originally released in June 1978 as one of the two singles from the band’s album which bears the same title.

Writing Credits

It was written by the following:

  • Peter Whitehead
  • Jacques Morali
  • Victor Willis
  • Henri Belolo

In an interview in 1979, Randy Jones, a member of the group, indicated that the song was to urge their fans to be confident and not succumb to criticism.

“Macho Man” on the Charts

This classic gave Village People their first ever US charting hit when it entered into the Hot 100 in September of 1978. It eventually rose to a peak position of 25 on this chart.

Village People object to the use of “Macho Man” at Trump Rallies

Ahead of the 2020 elections in the United States, the group objected to President Donald Trump using this song along with “Y.M.C.A.” in his political campaigns.

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