“Masseduction” by St. Vincent

On “Masseduction”, St. Vincent portrays herself as one that does not want to be stopped from exploring her sexuality and those of others.

She insists on pursuing whatever activity that excites her while drawing attention to instances where people contradict their societal morals to experience a different kind of pleasure.

In the bridge, the singer suggests that being in a relationship is actually boring because it places a limit on one’s freedom to experiment with their own sexuality.

St. Vincent talks about “Masseduction”

In a Facebook post, St. Vincent revealed that the title of this song is a play on words such as “mass seduction”, “my seduction” or “the seduction of masses”, further raising the question of whether she is being seduced or she is actually the seductress.

Release Date

In October 2017, St. Vincent released (through Loma Vista Recordings) her fifth studio album. The album, which is titled after this track, produced four singles. This track is the fourth and final single from the album.

Writing and Production

St. Vincent in collaboration with prolific songwriter and producer Jack Antonoff are the exclusive composers of this track. They are also its co-producers along with Lars Stalfors.

“Masseduction” wins a Grammy

In 2019, both this song as well as its album were nominated for awards at that year’s Grammy Awards. At the end of the day, this song was eventually awarded the Grammy for “Best Rock Song”, beating the following:

  • Greta Van Fleet’s “Black Smoke Rising”
  • Twenty One Pilots’ “Jumpsuit
  • Bring Me The Horizon’s “Mantra
  • Ghost’s “Rats”

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