Meaning of “Bismarck” by Sabaton

In its heyday the subject of this song, the German battleship Bismarck, was the marvel of the Kriegsmarine, Adolf’s Germany’s navy during World War II. Meanwhile Sabaton is a band that specializes in the creation of music based on historical battles and the figures from such. And due to persistent urging by their fans, they decided to drop this track.

Thus by listening to this song, the audience can get a terse overview of the history of the Bismarck. For instance, we learn that it was the “pride of a nation”, “a beast made of steel” and “king of the ocean”, alluding to just how impressive and powerful the vessel actually was. 

Bismarck lyrics

Indeed later we get a physical description of this behemoth, with it being manned by “two thousand men” and comprised of “fifty thousand tons of steel”(!) . However it ultimately met its “death and damnation” via a “fleet” which is actually a reference to the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy whom hunted the Bismarck down in May of 1941. Thus at the end of day, we find the battleship “at the bottom of the ocean” with his guns going “silent at last”.


All in all, this song tells the story of the iconic German battleship known as the Bismarck. This battleship was built for and used by the navy of Germany during World War II.

Facts about “Bismarck”

  • Again in reference to its size, the Nazi’s two Bismarck-class battleships were the largest of such vessels they ever built.
  • Sabaton claims that covering the Bismarck was “the most requested topic for a Sabaton song ever”.
  • The band dropped the video for “Bismarck” in collaboration with the online-gaming site Wargaming, specifically using visuals from their “World of Warships” title.
  • “Bismarck” came out on 22 April 2019.

Does this track appear on Sabaton’s “The Great War” album?

No. This track is not featured on the aforementioned project since it is focused exclusively on World War I.

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