Sabaton’s “The Red Baron” Lyrics Meaning

“The Red Baron” is a heavy-metal song Sabaton released as a tribute to Manfred von Richthofen (1892-1918), aka the “Red Baron”. Richthofen is considered to have been the most-prolific fighter pilot during World War I. During this war, he impressively recorded 80 air-combat kills. Thus this track basically serves as a shoutout to Richthofen. The lyrics are basically delineating highlights of his military career and bigging him up.

It should be noted that Sabaton immortalizing the Red Baron does not mean they sympathize with a particular country who participated in “the Great War”. Rather the entire album this song is featured on is based on World War I. And by virtue of that, it is only fitting that the band acknowledged a person who by all accounts was the greatest fighter pilot of that era.

"The Red Baron" lyrics

What Sabaton have said about this track

Sabaton themselves have stated that “to not include the story of Manfred von Richthofen” on a concept album about World War I “felt really strange”. This is the primary reason they were forced to write and release this song.

Release date of “The Red Baron”

Sabaton teased this track, on Twitter, on 16 May 2019. Then on 13 June 2019, it became the second single released from their ninth studio album. The album in question is titled The Great War (which is a reference to World War I). “Fields of Verdun” was The Great War’s first single.

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