Meaning of “Blitzkrieg” by Metallica

Metallica, known for their evocative lyrics and powerful metal compositions, often delves into deep and sometimes dark themes. The lyrics of “Blitzkrieg” seem to touch upon the existential anxieties and fears of global destruction, either through human conflict or perhaps even supernatural forces. Let’s break it down:

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Let us have peace, let us have life…Let us beware the deadly sign

This is a plea for peace, life, time, and happiness. It conveys a sense of urgency and a desire to avoid impending doom or a catastrophic event.

The day is coming…Can we survive the blitzkrieg?

“Blitzkrieg” is a German word that means “lightning war.” It refers to a sudden, overwhelming military assault, and historically, it’s associated with the tactics used by Nazi Germany during World War II. Here, it symbolizes an impending destructive force or event. The question of survival implies that whatever is coming is not just dangerous but potentially annihilating.

Save us from fate, save us from hate…Save ourselves before the earth bleeds

The lyrics plead for salvation from a predetermined catastrophic fate and from the hatred that can lead to such events. The mention of the earth bleeding personifies the planet, suggesting that it too can suffer, possibly from human actions.

The day is dawning…Can we survive the blitzkrieg?

Again, there’s the impending sense of doom. The dawning day could imply that the threat is imminent. The mention of “Aliens calling” adds a twist, suggesting a potential extraterrestrial threat, or it might be metaphorical for an unfamiliar or overwhelming force.

(Hahahaha) (I f*-ked up in one place)

These lines add a candid, off-the-cuff element to the song, potentially showing a moment of levity or perhaps illustrating that even amidst dark themes, there’s room for humanity, mistakes, and authenticity.

Overall, the lyrics of “Blitzkrieg” seem to tap into the universal fears of destruction, whether from human conflicts, external threats, or both. A strong sense of urgency, a call for action, and a desperate plea for salvation and peace is felt throughout the song.

When did Metallica release “Blitzkrieg”?

The band released “Blitzkrieg” on 23rd November, 1984. You can find this song on their “Garage Inc.” project of 1998.

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