Meaning of “Disguise” by Motionless In White

The song is based on the singer suffering from an identity crisis. In other words, it is his real self versus his “disguise”.

This disguise is a product of “(his) own design”. His rationales for adopting this alternate persona seem to be based on emotions tantamount to self-doubt, fear and selling out. Or an alternate explanation is that he has become a different person due to some type of addiction, since he refers to his “disguise” as a “codependent vice”. Either way, he has delved so deep into this masquerade that he is now having trouble finding his way out.

Lyrics of "Disguise"

Ultimately he decides that he must overcome being lost in his disguise, even though he is admittedly an angry and hurt person. In order to do so, he must basically face his fears and an unpredictable fate head-on. However, the main themes expressed through the song appear to be encouragement for the individual not to be overcome by depression or to lose touch with who they truly are.

Quick Facts about “Disguise”

  • This is the title track from Motionless in White’s 2019 album, Disguise.
  • Upon release of this track, Motionless in White made a limited number of 1000 copies of the “Disguise” album, complete with an exclusive alternate cover, available for preorder.
  • Motionless in White wrote this track themselves.
  • The single was produced by American producer Drew Fulk and Motionless in White frontman Chris Cerulli. 

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