“Cyberhex” by Motionless in White (ft. Lindsay Schoolcraft)

All things considered, what the lyrics of “Cyberhex” appear to be premised on is a concept like the onset of Armageddon. And there is more going on besides the usual ‘I’m willing to face the end of the world with you by my side’ kind of motif we usually find in such songs. That is to say that even against the backdrop of a world gone awry, it is obvious that the vocalist has strong romantic feelings for the addressee.

What does “Cyberhex” mean?

Regarding what the term “cyberhex” is meant to allude to, as explained by Chris Motionless such would actually be a reference to Motionless in White and their fandom. Beyond that, it is clear that said terminology points to the concept of a united humanity, i.e. likeminded individuals akin to the vocalist and addressee teaming up to stave off impending doom. 

And once again going back to Chris’s explanation, said sentiment is founded in a personal spat of depression he recently went through. As detailed, this depression was likely exacerbated by the real-life global nightmare known as the COVID-19 pandemic.

So in conclusion, perhaps changing the trajectory of history is an ambition that the vocalist cannot realistically fulfill.  But in the meantime, he has found genuine solace via his love for the addressee.

Motionless in White, "Cyberhex" Lyrics
What Motionless said of "Cyberhex"

Motionless in White

Motionless in White is a heavy metal act from Pennsylvania. The band’s first studio album, “Creatures”, came out in 2010. And “Cyberhex”, which Roadrunner Records released on 11 March 2022, is from the band’s project entitled “Scoring the End of the World”.

Concurrently, Motionless in White consists of the following core members:

  • frontman and co-founder Chris “Motionless” Cerulli
  • drummer Vinny Mauro
  • bassist Justin Morrow
  • guitarist Ricky “Horror” Olson
  • guitarist Ryan Sitkowski

Credits for “Cyberhex”

Chris Motionless is credited as the writer of this song. He achieved that task while working with Drew Fulk, who co-produced “Cyberhex”. The other producer is Justin deBlieck.

The aforementioned Ricky Olson had a hand in directing this track’s music video. He accomplished that goal alongside Logan Beaver.

The featured artist, Lindsay Schoolcraft, is a metal musician from Canada.


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