Meaning of “Head Hunter” by Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance is a band known for presenting audiences with rather complex lyrics, and this song definitely does not deviate from that norm. However, there does seem to be a general theme which can be derived from the track, which is the ascension of the singer(s). And the titular “head hunter” seems to be someone who wants to prevent them from reaching their goals.

Besides for the singers themselves, other characters that are present in this song are “an angel and a devil”. And for better or worse, these two appear to be part and parcel of the progress of the singer.

There also seems to be another, unidentified party who doesn’t want the best for the singer at all.  Rather this individual is more interested in seeing the artist fail. However, Tilian and Jon Mess too have no intention of doing so. They rather espouse an ideology of avoiding hindrances while persistently striving towards their own edification. 

Ultimately some parts of this song may never be fully understood unless the boys at Dance Gavin Dance reveal their specific meanings to the public. And who exactly the titular “head hunter” is – whether a foe or an allusion to the artists’ own aggressiveness in reaching their goals – is not clearly identified.  But that said, it is pretty clear that the main theme which permeates throughout is one of confidently and consistently expanding despite opposition that may develop along the way.

Lyrics of "Head Hunter"

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