“Pop Off!” by Dance Gavin Dance 

A listener can proceed to read in between the lines in an attempt to ascertain all that the vocalist has against the addressee. But ultimately, the lyrics boil down to two main ideas. One is that said addressee is a romantic interest of the vocalist’s. And second would be that he deems her as a toxic associate.

Indeed, what (primarily) Tilian is putting forth is that he’s already concluded that this is a woman he doesn’t want to mess with like that. And he seemingly came to that conclusion based on the fact that the two of them were once officially an item, i.e. him knowing her well in a romantic capacity.

But at the same time it would appear, most simply put, that he’s sexually addicted to her. So it’s like when the addressee comes around and does her thing, the vocalist is rendered defenseless to resist. But the further implication is that every time he makes that decision, afterwards he feels as if he has backslidden, if you will.

But to reiterate, as implied earlier there’s a lot going on in this song. For instance, some lyrics read as if the vocalist cut the addressee off so that he can go around and sow his oats, as some would say. But in any event, as relayed in the chorus and reinforced in the bridge, there’s certain things he doesn’t like about her.

Dance Gavin Dance, "Pop Off!" Lyrics

Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance (DGD) is a rock band that hails from Sacramento, California’s capital, who have been doing their thing since the mid-aughts. To note, there isn’t anyone actually named Gavin in this group. Rather, as of the release of this track, the band consists of these musicians:

  • Jon Mess (vocals)
  • Will Swan (guitar)
  • Matt Mingus (drums)
  • Tilian Pearson (vocals)
  • Andrew Wells (guitar)

As a sad side note the band’s bassist, Tim Feerick, had just died in early April of 2022, less than a month before this track was released. As such he did in fact participate on “Pop Off!” and is also credited as one its authors, alongside his five aforementioned bandmates. 

This track was produced by Kris Crummett, a regular collaborator of DGD.

Dance Gavin Dance have been doing progressively well with their musical endeavors. For instance, their most recent studio album, 2020’s “Afterburner”, marks the highest they’ve ever peaked on the Billboard 200, at number 14.  And that LP is also their first to top Billboard’s Rock Albums chart.

On which album does “Pop Off!” appear?

“Pop Off! is a track found on the band’s 2022 studio album, which is titled “Jackpot Juicer”.

This song was put out by Rise Records on on 4 May 2022. Dance Gavin Dance has been signed to this label pretty much since day one.

Pop Off!

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