Meaning of “Home by the Sea” by Genesis

Genesis’ “Home by the Sea / Second Home by the Sea” is a song split into two parts – or suites as they are called by the musically-inclined. Together “Home by the Sea” and “Second Home by the Sea” are over 11 minutes in duration. So it has been hypothesized the executives behind its release divided the song in order to make the length more-standardized.

And the story line featured in this track is about as unique as they come in terms of pop music. It begins with an individual(s) entering into a house. And honestly, based on how the lyrics read, he appears to be a burglar.

However, upon entering (breaking in), he realizes that it is actually inhabited by ghosts. These apparitions begin to tell the thief the stories of their lives. And it would appear the primary reason they are doing so is because they are lonely, as in having been “living (t)here so long”.

Ultimately, while the specters entreat the thief to hear their stories, he is not really offered an option. In fact the ghosts basically tell him he is now burdened with hearing their tales “for the rest of (his) days”. And these narratives seems to be based on the lives the ghosts lived when they were actually alive.

Who are these Ghosts in the home by the sea?

The interesting thing about these ghosts is that they also once used to be ordinary humans (just like the intruder they have trapped). As ordinary humans, they happened to come across the house by the sea and being attracted to it, they made the grave mistake of entering into it. They were then instantly trapped in the house by older ghosts, just like they have trapped the burglar. It is obvious the burglar would also eventually become a ghost, join the ghosts and trap other trespassing humans.

But what do the lyrics really mean?

In trying to decipher the underlying meaning of the song, some fans have come to the conclusion that the actions of the ghosts may actually be a metaphor for being stuck in the past or perhaps even aging. However, for the most part, “Home by the Sea” is a story about an unsuspecting person(s) interacting with enslaving spirits. In fact one writer has compared this song to “a Twilight Zone episode”. And for all we know being trapped by ghosts for the rest of his life may even symbolize the burglar himself being dead.

Lyrics of "Home by the Sea"

Release date and album Appearances

This song was released on 3 October 1983 via the collaborative effort of Charisma Records and Virgin Records. It was released as part of Genesis’ self-titled (12th studio) album, which came out that same day.

The song was subsequently featured on other Genesis albums, including the following:

  • 1993’s The Way We Walk, Volume Two: The Longs
  • 2007’s Live Over Europe

Who wrote “Home by the Sea”?

The entire band is credited with writing this song, with Tony Banks handling the lyrical portion and Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford the music.

Genesis performing “Home by the Sea” live in 2007. This performance took place in Düsseldorf, Germany during the band’s Turn It On Again: The Tour.

Did Genesis release “Home by the Sea” as a single?

Yes. However, not in all countries did it come out as such.

6 Responses

  1. Paulus. says:

    Or….it could be about a retirement home where old folks “relive [their] lives by getting younger people to “sit down” and listen to them? Why would ghosts insist, so vehemently and repeatedly, that an intruder “sit down”?

    I dunno…..just a thought. It might be tongue in cheek or I could be a dozen miles off.

  2. Stephen says:

    My thoughts exactly!!!!.. and Mike Rutherford has broached this subject in other lyrics before.

  3. Azan Mann says:

    Life is a process of aging – or slowly but surely dying … so actually the term ‘living’ is a delusion as everyone and everything (planet – stars – universe) is ‘dying’. Are these ‘shadows’ … and the ‘Home By The Sea’ is our planet where everyone is trapped while living ( ‘dying’) … there being no escape for anyone EVER! And if true aren’t everyone’s ‘stories’ worth sitting down to hear instead of ignoring them in a state of unenlightenment where one still ‘thinks’ they’re ‘living’ and will continue to (or more deluded, believe they’ll be resurrected by their own imaginary invisible deity).

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