Meaning of “Left Hand” by Beast Coast

“Beast Coast” is what, according to traditional rap slang, would be referred to as a cypher. Putting it differently, you have a bunch of M.C.s – at least four by traditional standards – all jumping on the same track.  A well-known group that best epitomizes this style is the Wu-Tang Clan.

Well now, the Beast Coast also want their names added to that list. This collective consists of three different cliques – Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies and the Underachievers – all coming together with the common goal of not only dropping a dope track but also a forthcoming album.

And here’s another long-standing rap tradition – whenever you greet someone, as in shaking their hand or giving them dap, you never do so with your left hand, even if you are naturally left-handed, because doing such is a sign of disrespect. And that’s the ideology this track is based on. In other words, the title and chorus center on the theme that the artists ‘never showed love with their left hands’. The most-likely meaning of a phrase like this would be to insinuate that these rappers are real ni**as, as in they are true to the laws of the streets.

Lyrics of "Left Hand"

And being that this is a true ‘hood track, the artists don’t focus on the type of ridiculous wealth or intimate promiscuity that is usually presented in mainstream rap songs. Instead (as aforementioned) they are more inclined to enlighten listeners that their existence is based on a street code, where they live and die by the gat, all the while being on alert for police, hoodlums and other obstacles that may stand in their way.

Who are Beast Coast?

Beast Coast is an American rap group hailing from Brooklyn. The group or rather collective is made up of three hip hop groups, namely The Underachievers, The Flatbush Zombies and The Pro Era.

Facts about “Left Hand”

  • Vocals: The song officially features the vocals of J. Bada$$, N. Caution, Fly, The Underachievers, K. Knight and Flatbush Zombies.
  • Songwriting: At least 10 songwriters receive songwriting credits on this track. These songwriters include, M. Darko, Erick A. Elliott, I. Gold, Zombie Juice, Powers Pleasant, N. Caution, Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, AKTHESAVIOR and K. Knight.
  • Production: 2 music producers also receive production credits on “Left Hand”. These names are: Sam Wish and Tyler Dopps.
  • Release Date: “Left Hand” was released on the 11th of March, 2019 through Beast Coast’s own label (Beast Coast Media) and Columbia Records.

Which album is “Left Hand” on?

The song was released as the lead single of the collective’s debut album entitled BEASTCOAST.

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