“Snow in the Stadium” by Beast Coast

This is a cypher track – or as they call it these days a posse cut. That means you have a group of emcees taking turns representing on the mic. Posse cuts sometimes make for the best tracks, as artists are not burdened with having to carry an entire song or even a standard-length verse on their own. So they are able to only use their very-best lyrics, as is the case with “Snow in the Stadium”.

The word “snow” is not actually mentioned in the lyrics, so it is not abundantly clear what the homies mean when they refer to it in the title. However, considering that the cover art features what appears to be marijuana plants being covered with a white substance (i.e. snow). We suspect it probably alludes to laced ganja or something to that effect. Indeed a number of the artists let it be known throughout the track that they enjoy hitting the blunt – and not only because this is a song presented with a reggae flavor.

The Beast Coast are true ‘hood artists, and in that regard, violence and women are also amongst the topics discussed. And with the exception of Kirk Knight, they don’t come off as trying to present themselves as wealthy but more like hustlers. Rather as the chorus to “Snow in the Stadium” alludes to, their ascension to the top of the rap game is still forthcoming, as they are approaching this ‘goal’ with a fearless attitude.

Lyrics of "Snow in the Stadium"

Facts about “Snow in the Stadium”

Beast Coast is a collective made up of 10 different rappers from 3 distinct crews. The ones featured on this particular track are as follows:

  •  Joey Bada$$
  • Kirk Knight and CJ Fly from Pro Era
  • Issa Gold via the Underachievers
  • Meechy Darko and Erick the Architect (who also produced the song) representing the Flatbush Zombies

 The rappers which make up the Beast Coast have been collaborating with each other for some time.  But the album “Snow in the Stadium” is featured on, Escape from New York (2019), is officially their first as a singular entity.

 “Snow in the Stadium”, which was released on 22 May 2019, was the third single dropped from Escape from New York. The album’s lead single is titled “Left Hand“.

The writers of this track are the six artists who recite it.

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