Meaning of “Seasons” by wave to earth

Wave to Earth’s “Seasons” is somewhat of a complex love song. The vocalist has come to the conclusion that he cannot be with the addressee, who is obviously a romantic interest, because in doing so he’s ‘afraid that he’ll ruin her life’.

But in the second verse, Daniel Kim also states that she ‘has gone far away’, thus implying that the apple of his eye has decided to leave him rather than vice versa. In trying to make sense out of what sorta reads like a contradiction, maybe the addressee has left the vocalist, and the latter has decided not pursue her, being ‘too trivial for her now’ and such, i.e. understanding the reasons why she would be compelled to bounce.

That said, the thesis sentiment obviously revolves around Kim’s desire to get his sweetheart back. He ‘prays for her all the time’, along the lines of ‘being by her side’ so that he could fulfill his desire, which is ‘giving’ the addressee ‘all his life’. 

So it reads as if Daniel may even want to marry her. So perhaps, all lyrics considered, what he intends to do in the meantime is develop himself to a point where he no longer feels as if his presence would be detrimental to the person he loves.

“But I’ll pray for you all the time
If I could be by your side
I’ll give you all my life, my seasons”


Daniel Kim (김다니엘) wrote and produced “Seasons”. Daniel is the leader and primary songwriter of the band.

Release Date of “Seasons”

wave to earth released this on the 4th of August, 2020 from their “summer flows 0.02” album. It happens to be one of the popular songs on the album.


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