Meaning of “Seasons” by Thirty Seconds to Mars

“Seasons” uses the changing seasons as a metaphor for the ups and downs of relationships. It portrays a mature relationship that acknowledges mistakes and values forgiveness and understanding, emphasized by a steadfast commitment to stick together through both good and hard times. The lyrics communicate a message of hope and enduring love, encouraging listeners to hold on through all “seasons” of a relationship.

Changing Seasons as a Metaphor for Relationships

In the lyrics, the changing seasons are likened to the fluctuations and phases in relationships. People come and go, much like the changing colors of the leaves in different seasons. The songwriter asks if one can hold on despite the changes – the highs and lows, portraying a request for steadiness in the face of constant change.

Acknowledgement of Faults

Here, the singer expresses regret over past mistakes, acknowledging their part in the hurt caused. They speak of efforts to make amends and a desire for peace, indicated by the mention of a “white flag.” The line “talk shit, yeah, we get outta line” indicates arguments and fights but there’s a willingness to mend things, showing a maturity and understanding in the relationship.

Unwavering Commitment

In this part, the lyrics emphasize an unwavering commitment to stick through the relationship regardless of the circumstances, whether good or bad. There is a determined resolution to not “back down,” illustrating a strong bond that survives despite going “’round and ’round,” perhaps in arguments or challenges.

Understanding and Support in Relationships

In these lines, there is a recognition of both parties making mistakes, with an emphasis on understanding and forgiveness. The lyrics highlight a supportive bond where they help each other, providing a “lifeline” in times of need, pointing towards a deep connection and the desire to not lose each other despite the conflicts.

Reiteration of Commitment

As the song moves towards its end, the chorus repeats, reinforcing the theme of enduring love that can withstand all seasons. The repetition of holding “through the seasons” speaks to a hopeful note of staying together despite challenges, a kind of love that remains beautiful and never gets old.


Throughout “Seasons,” there is a powerful depiction of a relationship that has seen both beautiful and difficult times. The recurring mention of “seasons” reflects the cycles of change, yet the underlying message is one of hope, endurance, and the beauty that lies in standing firm through all the changing circumstances, portraying a rich, matured relationship.

“People, they come, and people, they go
When the leaves change and the colors they show
Can you hold on through the seasons?
Through the seasons, oh
Through every high and through every low
A beautiful lie, it never gets old
Can you hold on through the seasons?
Through the seasons, oh”

When did the band release “Seasons”?

On August 15 of 2023 the band officially released “Seasons” as the third single from their “It’s the End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day” album. In addition, the song also represents the third track on said record’s playlist.

Credits for “Seasons”

Group members Jared Leto and Shannon Leto are credited as songwriters for this track. They received writing assistance from the following songwriters:

  • Riley McDonough
  • Sam Martin
  • Johnny Goldstein
  • Connor McDonough

In addition to his writing duties, Goldstein also handled the entire production task for “Seasons”.


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