Meaning of We Got All Day by Take That

The simplest way of describing this song is as one which espouses slowing down, i.e. ‘sitting back and watching’ while “everyone” else is out and about, caught up in the rat race or what have you. Or the way the Take That homeys are presenting the situation, i.e. life itself apparently, is as being such that it doesn’t always necessitate being on some type of grind.

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The implication, based on the first verse especially, is that they are making such an observation within the context of the modern world, i.e. a culture which puts a high value on constant busyness. But Gary, Mark and Howard seem to be advising the addressee to resist such a temptation not in the name of being countercultural per se but rather along the lines of getting worked up being nonessential, as in not every problem being such that stress is the key to solving them. Instead, matters can be attended to over time, i.e. over the course of the entire day. And what’s also being implied here is that keeping up with the Joneses or trying to adhere to one’s own personal ideologies are also major sources of stress and anxiety.

So there’s a lot going on in this song, as there is throughout This Life. The album is borderline philosophical, with Take That, now elder statesmen in the game, doing their best on the musical side of things to teach or remind us of certain life lessons. And in this case, said instruction would probably be akin to constant stress, in the grand scheme of things, being totally unnecessary.

Songwriting Credits & Release Date

The aforementioned Gary (Barlow), Mark (Owen) and Howard (Donald), aka the members of Take That, wrote this song, with it being released on 24 November 2023 as part of their ninth-studio album, This Life.


The producer of this track, one of a few who participated on the aforementioned album, is Ryan Carline.

Record Label

The label behind this song is the long-standing EMI Records, which is based in London, with Take That also hailing from England.

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