Meaning of “Trunk Muzik Intro” by Yelawolf

Apparently the forthcoming album this track is featured on, “Trunk Muzik 3”, will be Yelawolf’s last under Shady Records. As such, after dropping the hard diss track “Bloody Sunday Freestyle” on March 10, 2019, Yelawolf is coming strong once again with “Trunk Muzik Intro”. However, unlike his previous effort, this time around he is not interested in targeting specific rivals but rather extolling his virtues as an artist, his toughness as an individual and his lifestyle in general.

As far as defining the term ‘trunk music’ as it is used in this track, it can be interpreted a couple of ways. First and foremost seems to be Yelawolf using the term to allude to the overall force of the song, similar to a car having loud speakers in its trunk. In fact he gives a shoutout to “the 808s up under the bench of the Chevy” as well as the chorus consisting almost exclusively of the phrase “trunk, shake it”. This alludes to his virtues as a rap artist.

However, “trunk music” itself is actually a slang term used by mafia personnel which refers to a dead body being present in the trunk of a car. And Yelawolf seems well aware of this, as he appears to make a reference to such in one of the lines of the song. In other words, he also uses this track, albeit sparsely, to make listeners aware of his violent tendencies or more specifically his overall toughness.

However “Trunk Muzik Intro” isn’t all bounce and street code. In the song, Yelawolf also brings up a diverse number of topics, especially his relationships with women and also most-notably with his label boss, Eminem. 

Ultimately this track is not meant to serve a specific purpose as much as his previous single (“Bloody Sunday“). Rather it is just a showcase of Yelawolf’s skills and his personal philosophies concerning life.

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