“Bloody Sunday Freestyle” by Yelawolf (Ft. DJ Klever)

“Bloody Sunday Freestyle” appears to be a true freestyle as the name implies, as the track consists primarily of a singular, extremely-long verse. The main purpose of this track – or at least what is it being most-noted for – is to give Yelawolf a medium by which he can attack rival rappers G-Eazy, Post Malone and Machine Gun Kelly. As such, it has been said that he is ‘igniting the battle of the white rappers’, as Wolf as well as all the artists he is dissing are all Caucasians, with the king of all White rappers, Eminem, also being indirectly involved. In other words, Yelawolf’s gripe with MGK is based on a popular beef he has had with Eminem, who also happens to be Yelawolf’s label boss.

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Even though the parts of this track that logically stick out the most are the disses, the song is not comprised primarily of such insults. Rather it is basically an ode to Yelawolf’s lyrical skills, toughness and to a lesser degree his street connections.

But now on to the juicy stuff – what does he actually have to say about the other rappers? He taunts G-Eazy by comparing him to Tom Cruise and Vanilla Ice and daring him to counterattack. He says that Post Malone is not a real rapper and also accuses him of copying his style, which as a result means he’s an imitation artist, even if he does sell records. And as for MGK, he tells him in a roundabout way that the only reason he is popular is because of the aforementioned beef with Eminem, as MGK’s biggest success to date has come from an Eminem diss track he released, even though what initiated the conflict was Em just briefly criticizing Kelly.

2 Responses

  1. B.L says:

    Yela and MGK are friends, the only line on Bloody Sunday he refers to Kells is ”Trunk Muzik 3 , bro, you gonna know how i feel about MGK” … fast forward to the release party of TM3 (which the video is on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM-IBa2n1BA ) , who did Yela spend the whole night chilling with…MGK and DJ Paul…. they released their track Rowdy… which is refered by MGK in Rap Devil …. ”don’t be a sucker and take my verse off Yelawolf’s album” …. During the EM/MGK beef, Em was seen posing with G-Eazy, which bothered Yela because he was in a beef with him… so he decided not to renew his contract with Shady and kept siding with his long time friend MGK.

  2. Kevindaemon says:

    Yeah yela and mgk are not friends they were beefing long before eminem was even involved. His beef with mgk dates back to when yela first signed with shady. Yela put mgk on the song to try to end the beef. That didnt work out so well.

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