Meaning of “Uma Thurman” by Fall Out Boy

“Uma Thurman” was as single released by the American rock band Fall Out Boy in 2015. The lyrics of the song are inspired by American actress and model Uma Thurman. The song is basically an ode to this beautiful and talented actress/model.

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The chorus of this song makes reference to the scene from the 1994 hit crime film Pulp Fiction starring Thurman and the likes of John Travolta, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. The scene in question is the scene where Mia Wallace (played by Thurman) asks Vincent Vega (played by Travolta) to dance with her. That scene is widely considered one of the most memorable moments from Pulp Fiction.

What Fall Out Boy said about this song

On Facebook, the band shed more light on the meaning of this song. Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz began his statement by revealing to fans that Thurman was one of the iconic women in the history of pop culture whom he had a major crush on.

According to Wentz, in creating the song, he and his colleagues also thought about the resilience and violence displayed by the character the Bride (Black Mamba) in the 2003 Quentin Tarantino-directed film Kill Bill. That character was played by Uma Thurman. To them, they found something authentic about Thurman’s role in that movie. They likened that role to “a woman taking revenge or being empowered”.  To Wentz, that’s what the chorus of “Uma Thurman” is all about.

And what about the song’s verses? Wentz said the verses are the things a man would do in order to try get the love of such a woman.

Lyrics of "Uma Thurman"

Has Uma Thurman commented on this song?

Yes, she has.  She did so few months after the song’s release. In October, while appearing on The Today Show, Thurman revealed that before using her name in the song, Fall Out Boy was courteous enough to seek her permission. And what did she do? She wholeheartedly gave her permission to the band. She said, among other things, that it was “so sweet” and “gracious of them” to use her name in their song. All in all, the actress felt so flattered to be honored in that manner by Fall Out Boy.

Uma Thurman

This is American actress Uma Thurman. She inspired the lyrics of the Fall Out Boy single named after her.



FYI: Thurman rose to international stardom in 1994 after starring in Pulp Fiction.

Quick Facts about “Uma Thurman”

  • Fall Out Boy co-wrote “Uma Thurman” with Jarrel Young, Liam O’Donnell and Waqaas Hashmi.
  • The band also co-produced this track with record producers Young Wolf Hatchlings and Jake Sinclair.
  • This Thurman-inspired anthem was officially released on January 12, 2015. It was released as the third single from the album American Beauty/American Psycho (AB/AP). AB/AP is Fall Out Boy’s sixth studio album.
  • On the US Billboard Hot 100, the track peaked at number 22. On the UK Singles Chart, it made it to number 71.


Does “Uma Thurman” have an official music video?

Yes. The clip was even honored with the “Best Rock Video” at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. A number of prominent names make cameo appearances in the clip. These individuals include rapper Big Sean, singer Brendon Urie of of Panic! at the Disco fame and singer MAX. Below is that award-winning music video:


Does “Uma Thurman” contain a sample?

Yes, it does. Fall Out Boy used a significant sample of the Jack Marshall song “The Munsters’s Theme” in the track.

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