Meaning of “What About Love” by Heart

In Heart’s “What About Love”, Ann Wilson is expressing deep loneliness and a craving for love. She talks to someone who seems to have been ignoring her own need for love, perhaps trying to maintain a tough exterior or focusing too much on career goals.

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The repetitive questioning, “What about love?” highlights the essential need for affection and connection in life. Through the song, the singer is kind of nudging this person to let their guard down and open up to the love that’s being offered.

Ann emphasizes that love shouldn’t be an afterthought because it’s a beautiful thing to share with someone, and everyone might need it at some point.

I personally think that this is a piece that encourages not taking love for granted and giving it the space and attention it deserves in one’s life. It reminds the listener to prioritize love and to share it generously, bringing in a sense of urgency, as Ann implores the listener not to let love “slip away”.

“What about love?
Don’t you want someone to care about you?
What about love?
Don’t let it slip away
What about love?
I only wanna share it with you
You might need it someday”

This is a Cover

It should be noted that this isn’t actually an original song by Heart. It was actually originally recorded by a band from Canada who go by the name of Toronto. Toronto first released this song in 1982. Heart covered it to great success a few years later.

When did Heart release “What About Love”?

Heart released their version of this song via Capitol Records in May 1985. It served as the first single from the band’s eighth studio album, which is also titled “Heart”.

Did this piece chart?

Yes. It was actually more successful and popular than the original version by Toronto. Heart’s version charted in the United States, Australia, Germany and Canada. On Billboard’s Hot 100, it peaked at the 10th position. It was also a top-10 hit in Canada.

This piece went on to become one of Heart’s most popular tracks.

Who wrote “What About Love”?

There are officially three names credited with writing this classic. They are:

  • Brian Allen
  • Sheron Alton
  • Jim Vallance
What About Love

Ann Wilson’s Powerful Voice

In my eyes, Ann Wilson stands as an undeniable powerhouse in the realm of hard rock, transcending gender boundaries with her riveting vocal prowess. Her remarkable talent has not only cemented her position in the pantheon of hard rock legends but also as a musical virtuoso in her own right.

There’s a remarkable depth to her vocal range; a potency and vigor that effortlessly command attention. Her voice isn’t just strong; it’s a resonant force that has defined generations of rock music, constantly evoking deep and visceral responses from audiences worldwide.

In a genre that celebrates the bold and the beautiful, Wilson’s dynamic vocal stylings have showcased an unmatched level of strength and power, leaving an indelible mark on the hard rock genre. It’s not just a voice, it’s a phenomenon, a tour de force that continues to resonate profoundly in the hearts of many, standing testament to her immense talent and timeless appeal.

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