“Messy in Heaven” by Venbee & Goddard

One proven way to instantly turn heads in the music industry is to drop a song with popular religious references being used in an unconventional or downright-secular way. So for instance, in the intro/chorus of “Messy in Heaven”, we find the vocalist putting forth a rumor that “Jesus did coc*ine on a night out”. 

That’s an ear-catching opening line if we’ve ever heard one. And a bit later on, it is inferred that what the title refers to is the son of God, as Jesus is also known, resultantly getting into beef with “his father”.

In the verses Venbee by and large continues to rely on the Jesus character, though not calling Him out by name. Or put differently, his life and actions also serve as an allegory for that of the main subject. 

And as presented, this individual is a recognized spiritual leader alright. But unknown to his followers, “he was the one that needed saving”. The vocalist does proceed to sympathize with him for being someone who “gave his all” to the cause. But “now he’s breaking”, and it takes someone like Venbee to be able to perceive that he’s “crushed on the inside”.

Message of “Messy in Heaven”

As explained by the songstress, this narrative was inspired by someone close to her who struggled with drug addiction.  

And the message behind the song is supposed to be along the lines of recognizing the possibility that any of us, in her words, can “fall down a difficult path”. That would apparently include Jesus, under Venbee’s estimation.

But more to the intended point behind that comparison, it appears that what the vocalist is trying to get at is this friend of hers being an addict alright, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he’s a good person. As implied in the verses people actually look up to him, but his inner demons are such that he’s compelled to rely on drugs for relief.

In Conclusion

Conclusively, the lyrics of this piece are such that they would’ve undoubtedly resulted in some type of a backlash if Venbee and Goddard were actually known to the general public. But the sacrilegious nature of the wording ultimately distracts from the thesis sentiment being put forth, which is, most simply interpreted, the vocalist sympathizing with a quality friend who unfortunately has found himself addicted to hard drugs.

Venbee & Goddard, "Messy in Heaven" Lyrics

Venbee talks about “Messy in Heaven”

According to Venbee, she wrote this song after having a dream about Jesus Christ. She said in the dream, she saw Jesus as he walked down a street appearing as though he was highly intoxicated. According to her, she discussed the dream with her co-writers and the song was instantaneously created.

Venbee has referred to this song as a non-religious piece. She has also stressed on the fact that the song isn’t designed to be offensive to anyone. To her, the song is basically just about how some people are so selfless to the point where putting others before themselves begins to harm them.

Messy in Heaven

Who is Venbee?

As of 2022, Venbee is an up-and-coming singer from England who is reportedly 21 years old. She has experienced some notable success on TikTok as a self-released artist and since then has signed with Columbia. But that said, there isn’t much information readily available on her background, thus suggesting that she is in fact very new on the scene.


Meanwhile Goddard, a DJ from the UK, also has yet to reach full-fledged celebrity status as of the writing of this post. However, he does currently enjoy nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram

Release of “Messy in Heaven”

“Messy in Heaven” was formally unveiled as a single on the 23rd of September 2022.

Credits for this Song

It is Goddard who produced this track with Jacob Manson and Tao.  And he also co-wrote it with Venbee, Matteo Cinti and Dan Fable.


A remix of “Messy in Heaven” with another British musician called ArrDee also co-headlining the track, reached the top-5 on the UK Singles Chart.

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