“G” by Avenged Sevenfold

Presumably the “G” which makes up this song’s title stands for God, whose role the vocalist is apparently taking on the verses. Of course, Avenged Sevenfold isn’t what we would describe as a religious act. So what’s being put forth here can be taken as sorta critical of certain mainstream beliefs, depending on how a listener interprets what’s being relayed.

For instance, the way the Most High is depicted in the first verse is sorta how He is generally understood, as putting the world together with little to no effort, expecting men to revere him and designing man such that no one was made perfect. 

Actually, in terms of the reverence part, what is stated is that he ‘needs’ to be worshipped by people. And whether or not He never “made a man [that] didn’t trip” isn’t necessarily a belief supported by the New Testament. But again, this piece is meant to reflect the artists’ belief rather than those of the mainstream per se.

The second verse then goes on to insinuate that God gets a kick out of sinners, so to speak. For instance, as implied, he can institute world peace if he wanted to. But “on the seventh day”, when He could have done so, he “decided [to] just take (the day) off”. 

So it can be gathered that furthermore this is one of those pieces whereas the vocalist/writer has a beef with the Most High, feeling as if He is not doing his job correctly or all that He can, if you will.

“Can’t tell me that all I see ain’t a gift from the fabulous one
Thought about a name that came to me can you explain why the phone would ring?
Prayed so hard and oh my Lord I got a spot at the front of the lot
Can’t be late for my weekly date ’cause we’re gonna save someone”

The refrain and chorus meanwhile have the band praising God, in a way. That is to say the due marvel at the magnificent creation that is the Earth. But at the same time, in the chorus and perhaps interlude also, the latter in which “Jesus Christ” is namedropped, they seem to mock the hardcore religious type of people, i.e. those with blind faith, in a manner of speaking.

But again, this above analysis is a theoretical interpretation. Outside of the verses, which were clearly inspired by the Bible, the lyrics are quite ambiguous. Certain aspects of this song do center on Avenged Sevenfold giving the Most High props. 

Or let’s close by saying that “G” reads like this band’s version of a praise song. Obviously, they do believe in a Higher Power. But at the same time, it can be gleaned that they feel mainstream religious adherents, in the way they routinely or mindlessly worship, are out of touch.


The members of Avenged Sevenfold, who are listed below, composed “G”:

  • M. Shadows
  • Synyster Gates
  • Brooks Wackerman
  • Johnny Christ
  • Zacky Vengeance

This song, which is featured on the band’s album “Life Is But a Dream”, was co-produced by Joe Barresi. And the aforementioned project came out on 2 June 2023, via Warner Records.


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