Metallica’s “Here Comes Revenge” Lyrics Meaning

Logically the addressee of Metallica’s “Here Comes Revenge” would be someone who has done the singer a terrible wrong. In fact it is so much so that despite this individual ‘asking forgiveness’, the narrator has decided not the grant it. Rather he is hell-bent on exacting his “revenge”, even referencing the hatred men have shown for each other from the “dawn of time” in rationalizing his disposition.

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Story Behind “Here Comes Revenge”

Now there is a real-life story behind the sentiments expressed in this song. There was a couple who used to attend Metallica’s performances with a large picture of a particular girl. These actions piqued James Hetfield’s (the song’s vocalist) interest as to what was going on. And he came to find out that these particular people were not originally fans of Metallica. However, it seems their daughter, i.e. the girl on the poster was. But unfortunately said young lady met her fate via a drunk driver. So basically what the couple did, in response to the tragedy, was embrace the band’s music which their daughter was so fond of.

Now this story touched Hetfield in more ways than one. Obviously he appreciated the comfort he and his bandmates were able to give this couple in light of their situation. But it also prompted a revenge fantasy, if you will, in his mind. In other words, putting himself in their shoes, he imagined that anyone in such a situation would be compelled to seek revenge as opposed to say listen to their daughter’s favorite band. And instead of harping on that story in particular, what Metallica does is just present a song about bloody revenge, an “eye for an eye”, in particular.

And anyone familiar with this song knows that it is indeed a powerful tune – so much so in fact that it took the band some three years before they started playing it live. But all things considered, interpreting it as a track which actually espouses revenge may be a bit of a stretch. Rather let’s say what this song is actually centered on is the sentiment of vengeance, which sometimes can be so powerful that it totally preoccupies a person’s mind.

Release of “Here Comes Revenge”

This track was released by Blackened Records as part of Metallica’s album “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct”. It’s release date was 18 November 2016.  However, the band never played the song live until 3 March 2019. And the reason being the content matter of the tune.

Writing Credits

“Here Comes Revenge” was written by Metallica’s regular songwriters J. Hetfield and L. Ulrich. And the producer of this particular track is Greg Fidelman.

Did Metallica release this as a single?

No. The album on which the track is contained produced only the following official singles:

  • Hardwired
  • “Halo on Fire”
  • “Now That We’re Dead”
  • “Moth into Flame”
  • “Atlas, Rise!”

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