“New Divide” by Linkin Park

One important aspect of this song which should be noted from the onset is that it was written specifically for a “Transformers” movie, with Transformers being a science-fiction, action-cartoon franchise. And that would explain some of the colorful, vivid imagery used in “New Divide”. So for instance, when Chester Bennington makes references to incidents such as ‘lightning all around him’ and “ashes falling like snow’, such is obviously not meant to be taken literally. Moreover as alluded to earlier, such statements were likely included more along the lines of invoking exciting imagery as opposed to fitting into the overall theme of the song.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Linkin Park's New Divide at Lyrics.org.

And in general, the title appears to be a metaphor which is symbolic of the emotional gap which exists between the signer and the addressee. And although the nature of their relationship is not specified, “New Divide” can logically be interpreted as being based on a romance. Basically, the singer and the addressee can be understood as being romantic partners. And there currently seems to be some type of beef between them. So for the most part, the sentiment he is expressing is a desire to make peace with this individual.  And in doing, the “new divide” which exists between them will indeed be traversed.

Lyrics of "New Divide"

Theme Song for “Transformers”

“New Divide” is the theme song from the 2009 movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. In fact the working title of the tune was actually “Megatron”, the name of the main antagonist from the “Transformers” franchise (which Linkin Park are said to be fans of). Also the song itself was used significantly throughout the film.

Moreover the music video to this track, which was directed by Linkin Park’s very own Joe Hahn, was used to promote the movie. However, an alternate video also exists which is devoid of imagery associated with the movie.

And this is the second time a Linkin Park song served the “Transformers” in this capacity, as their 2007 track “What I’ve Done” performed  a similar function in the first installment of the series.

Release Date of “New Divide”

Warner Bros. Records along with Reprise Records released “New Divide” on 18 May 2009. The song was released as the lead (and only) single from “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – The Album”.

Writing Credits for “New Divide”

This song was written by every single member of the band. Thus the credits for writing are as follows:

  • D. Farrell
  • R. Bourdon
  • B. Delson
  • J. Hahn
  • C. Bennington
  • M. Shinoda

And Mr. Shinoda also produced “New Divide”.

So Successful

“New Divide” is noted as being one of Linkin Park’s great successes, having topped multiple Billboard charts (including Hot Rock Songs). In doing so, it simultaneously peaked at number 6 on the prestigious Hot 100. Indeed the track has been certified triple-Platinum in Linkin Park’s home country of the United States.

Other countries in which “New Divide” scored a number one are as follows: Belgium, Finland and Poland. It also reached the top spot on the UK Rock Chart.

In 2010 Warner Bros. Records also released a live rendition of “New Divide”. This version served as the B-side to a Linkin Park tune entitled “The Catalyst”.

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    man after all these years i finally understand the meaning of the lyrics after a bad break up.

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