“Night Falls” by Descendants 3 Cast

“Night Falls” is a song derived from “Descendants 3”, a 2019 hit television musical by Disney. The particular scene in which “Night Falls” is featured has some of its main characters, specifically within the context of this song Evie (Sophia Carson), Mal (Dove Cameron) and Uma (China Ann McClain), battling against a group of supernatural warriors. So this track features the exchanges between these characters which is occurring concurrently with the melee.

In the first verse Mal and Uma bicker about what strategy to use in order to defeat their common foes. However, Evie prevails as the voice of reason, reminding the ladies that there are “bigger fish to fry”, as well as leading the charge for the rest of the crew to stay vigilant during the battle.

By the second verse, we see that Mal and Uma are now working together, formulating a mutual approach on how to defeat the enemy. Indeed in doing so Mal reminds her that “the fate of Auradon is on the line”. BTW, Auradon is the fictional kingdom in which “Descendants 3” is set. In other words, the ladies realize that they have to put their differences aside in the name of achieving the common goal of defending Auradon. And the terse third verse fits well into the overall theme of the song, with it serving basically as a battle cry.

So “Night Falls” differs from some of the other tracks on the soundtrack of “Descendants 3” in that, outside of listening pleasure, it appears to have a very-limited applicability outside of the context of the storyline of the movie. Here we have the rare musical which also serves as a sci-fi action flick. And during the particular scene in which “Night Falls” is featured, the actors/singers are engaged in a high stakes’ fight. Indeed the title of the song alludes to Evie telling her companions during the chorus to remain diligent in combat “until the night falls”, insinuating that the skirmish they are in is a lengthy one.

Lyrics of "Night Falls"

Full list of artists on “Night Falls”

In addition to Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson and China Ann McClain, the other members of the “Descendants 3” cast who are credited as primary artists on this song are as follows:

  • Thomas Doherty (“Harry Hook”)
  • Dylan Playfair (“Gil”)
  • Booboo Stewart (“Jay”)
  • The late Cameron Boyce (“Carlos”).

 Release Date

“Night Falls” was released through Walt Disney Records on 2 August 2019. It is the fourth track on the playlist of “Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)”. This was also the same day the song premiered on the Disney Channel via being featured on “Descendants 3”. Other notable tracks on the aforementioned project include:

Creation of “Night Falls”

Antonina Armato in collaboration with Tim James produced “Night Falls”.  They also co-wrote the song with songwriters Adam Schmalholz and Thomas Sturges.

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