“One Kiss” by Sofia Carson, China Anne McClain & Dove Cameron

“One Kiss” is a song that is derived from Disney’s famous 2019 television movie “Descendants 3”.  Anyone familiar with Disney lore will also recognize the idea, which originated from 1950’s classic animated film “Sleeping Beauty”, that this song is based on. That is a kiss from a person’s “true love” is enough to counteract a sleeping spell they may be under.

Likewise during the particular scene of “Descendants 3” in which this song is recited, a character named Doug is in such a state which his romantic interest, Evie (played by Sofia Carson), can potentially break him out of using the titular “one kiss”. Thus the lyrics basically feature her, supported by Mal (Dove Cameron) and Uma (China Anne McClain), contemplating on whether she should kiss Doug or not.

The issue is not that she doesn’t want to release him from the spell. That much is certain. But her reservations are based on the idea of the potential consequences of her failing, not only in regards of Doug still being asleep but also then coming to the undeniable realization that he is not her “true love”.  In other words, she seems to be afraid of the potential disappointment of discovering that they are not meant for each other, since for the most part she is operating under the impression that they are.

So that is pretty much the gist of “One Kiss”, this painful debate that Evie in particular is going through. But by the climax of the song we see that she has indeed decided to go ahead and kiss Doug.

Lyrics of "One Kiss"

“One Kiss” is part of the soundtrack of “Descendants 3”. Both the album and the film were released by Walt Disney on 2 August 2019. Other famous tracks from the Descendants 3 soundtrack include the below:

 In addition to Sofia Cameron, the  primary members of the “Descendants 3” cast who are featured on this song are Sofia Carson and China Anne McClain. 

Who wrote “One Kiss”?

Matt Tishler wrote and produced “One Kiss”, with Paula Winger serving as an additional co-writer.

FYI, Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa also have a 2018 song titled “One Kiss“.

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