Oceanic Feeling by Lorde Lyrics Meaning – Unveiling the Depths of Spiritual Awakening and Personal Growth

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It’s a blue day
We could jump Bulli
When I hit that water
When it holds me
I think about my father
Doing the same thing
When he was a boy
When he was a boy

It’s a blue day
We could go fishing
You’ll catch the big one
Sliding the knife under the skin
Grateful for this offering
And all the living things
Under the sun
Under the sun

Little brother
I think you’re an angel
See your silver chain levitate
When you’re kick-flipping
Baby boy, you’re super cool
I know you’re scared
So was I
But all will be revealed in time (time, time)

Oh look, the rays are in the bay now
Can you hear the waves and the cicadas all around?
I can make anything real
Brain so hot, it’s a summer body
Every day is blue and never cloudy
Don’t look down
I can make anything real

In the future
If I have a daughter
Will she have my waist or my widow’s peak?
My dreamer’s disposition or my wicked streak?
Will she split a tab with her lover, laugh at the stars
Like her mother when she was a girl?
When she was a girl

Now the cherry-black lipstick’s gathering dust in a drawer
I don’t need her anymore
‘Cause I got this power
Just had to breathe out and tune in
Just had to breathe out and tune in
I just had to breathe, and tune in
I just had to breathe, and tune in
Just had to breathe

Oh, was enlightenment found? No, but I’m trying
Taking it one year at a time
Oh-oh, can you hear the sound? It’s shimmering higher
On the beach I’m building a pyre
(Use the wood brought in by the tide)
I know you’ll show me how, I’ll know when it’s time
To take off my robes and step into the choir

Full Lyrics

In the tapestry of contemporary music, it’s the songs that weave introspection with the universal that tend to stand out – ‘Oceanic Feeling’ by Lorde is one such creation. It beckons with a siren’s call, inviting listeners into a voyage through the ebb and flow of one’s personal history, familial ties, and existential musings.

It’s soothing yet stirring, a melody-centric narrative that gently nudges at the deep-seated notions of who we are in the context of our lineage and our planet. Let’s dive beneath the surface of this introspective track to unpack its layered textures and subtle harmonies.

A Tidal Wave of Heritage and Continuity

At the heart of ‘Oceanic Feeling’ lies a profound contemplation of one’s lineage, as Lorde poetically muses on her father’s connection to the ocean. It’s a cyclical narrative that hints at the inheritance of experience and the passing down of life’s simple pleasures, like a love for the water.

The striking imagery of the ocean serves as a metaphor for the vast continuum of family connections, intergenerational passions, and the fluidity of human emotion. It evokes a sense of belonging to something grander than oneself — an unbroken line that reaches out from the past into the indefinite future.

Under the Sun: A Celebration of All Living Things

There’s a palpable gratitude that resonates through the stanzas of ‘Oceanic Feeling.’ Lorde contemplates the act of fishing, not as a mere pastime, but as a ritual that honors the offerings of life. It’s an eco-conscious nod to the delicate balance of existence and the interconnectedness of all creatures.

Singing of ‘all the living things under the sun,’ the artist encapsulates the spirit of unity and respect for nature that is too often forgotten in the chaos of daily life. Through this song, Lorde rekindles a kinship with Earth, a relationship crucial for the sustenance of any ‘oceanic feeling.’

The Transformative Kick-Flip: Brotherhood and Becoming

It’s in the tender verses addressed to the ‘little brother’ that Lorde showcases the individual journey of growth amidst familial bonds. The image of a silver chain levitating as he kick-flips symbolizes the elevation of spirit and the defiance of gravity—both physical and metaphorical—that comes with maturing.

This stanza confronts the natural fears and uncertainties of youth, acknowledging them as stepping stones to enlightenment. With an almost prophetic tone, Lorde assures that ‘all will be revealed in time,’ a comforting mantra for anyone experiencing the tumult of growing up.

Deciphering Lorde’s ‘Summer Body’ – A Metaphor for the Self

A pivotal moment in ‘Oceanic Feeling’ arrives with Lorde’s declaration of her ‘brain so hot, it’s a summer body.’ This unusual personification suggests an awakening of the mind, vibrant and luminous, akin to the season known for its warmth and light.

This profound self-awareness and acceptance become a playground for creation — ‘I can make anything real.’ Here, Lorde portrays the mind’s unlimited potential to manifest dreams and conquer insecurities, a reassurance that we possess the power to shape our reality.

From Generational Echoes to Future Hues: The Song’s Hidden Meaning

As ‘Oceanic Feeling’ unfolds, one realizes that it’s not just an introspection but a relay of ruminations cast forward in time. Lorde’s musings about a potential daughter becomes a poetic pondering on the traits that skip or snake through the DNA helix, continuing the thread of connection.

The song’s hidden meaning emerges as a broader meditation on identity, legacy, and evolution. It captures the universality of wondering about the future, and the ways in which our choices and experiences ripple through time, affecting generations yet to come.

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