October Passed Me By – Unveiling the Heartache in Autumn’s Embrace

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. The Secret Place of Unsent Goodbyes
  5. An Anthem of Bitter-Sweetness
  6. The Song’s Hidden Meaning: Identity and Reflection
  7. The Merging of Worlds and the Timing of Fate
  8. The Echo of Memorable Lines: Always in the Back of My Mind



I keep the letters that you wrote in a secret place
Every now and then, I go down memory lane
October passed me by just like any month
But I still think of the times you took the breath out of my

You don’t have to run, mm

Yeah, I got bitter when you got cold
And could you really blame me though?
‘Cause I’m still tied up when you go
You know this song is about you
Who else could it be?
You were the first to make me

Feel like I was me
Just a memory

It wasn’t all good, yeah, it wasn’t all pretty
Lost our grip while tryna go steady
Holding on to you like, maybe, one day we’ll meet

I met you at the wrong time, didn’t wanna see
I was busy with the stars, you were looking at me
For better or for worse, I don’t know, but for what it’s worth

I made you my whole world
I made you my whole world
Screaming at the top of my lungs, I love you, my girl
Always in the back of my mind, you’ll be my girl

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In the landscape of indie music, there are songs that do much more than tickle the ears; they resonate with the soul, presenting storied experiences wrapped in melodic fervor. ‘October Passed Me By’, a gripping track by Girl In Red, does exactly that. With its haunting lyrics and ethereal soundscape, the song is a potent exploration of love, loss, and the bittersweet passage of time.

Interpreting the lyrics is like opening a diary to the most intimate page. We are invited to witness the emotional remnants of a love that once flourished, evidenced by cherished letters and memories that refuse to fade, even as the seasons change. The lines evoke a universal sentimentality—a melancholic longing for the love that has slipped through the fingers of time.

The Secret Place of Unsent Goodbyes

When Girl In Red croons about keeping letters in ‘a secret place,’ there’s a textured layer of meaning to unpeel. It’s not simply about physical notes stashed away; it’s about locking away fragments of a former self, the part that only existed in harmony with another. The secret place is both a trove of treasured past and a crypt for a restless heart that hasn’t moved on.

Memory lane becomes a refuge and a prison, a place where the sweet nostalgia of ‘what was’ collides with the sharp sting of ‘what is no more.’ October, a month symbolically tied to transformation, moves along indifferent to the protagonist’s inner turmoil, passing by without the closure they crave.

An Anthem of Bitter-Sweetness

The raw bitterness that surfaces when recalling a love grown cold is an emotion many can relate to. The song’s chorus hits this note with surgical precision, tugging at the strings of empathy in listeners. When Girl In Red wonders, ‘could you really blame me though?’ it’s an invitation to judge not the reaction, but the pain that provoked it.

The struggle of being ‘tied up’ while the other person moves on is portrayed as a kind of emotional bondage. The protagonist clings to a ghost, even as they acknowledge the subject of the song full well knows the weight of their influence. It’s a tug-of-war between wanting to be acknowledged and the realization that perhaps they already are—it’s just not enough.

The Song’s Hidden Meaning: Identity and Reflection

‘You were the first to make me feel like I was me,’ sings Girl In Red, revealing a hidden layer of identity and self-discovery tied to this past relationship. Often, it’s through others that we come to see our true selves, and the song suggests that the person it’s addressed to played a pivotal role in the protagonist’s journey of self-acceptance.

This existential anchor adds depth to the heartache. The pain of the lost relationship is dual; it’s not just about missing the other person, but about missing the version of oneself that solely existed within the context of the relationship. It’s a grieving process for the loss of an identity that was loved and validated.

The Merging of Worlds and the Timing of Fate

The lyric ‘I made you my whole world’ is revealing; it suggests a state of complete emotional investment, the kind that blurs where one soul ends and another begins. Screaming ‘I love you, my girl’ at the top of one’s lungs is illustrative of an all-consuming love, one that fills every crevice of existence.

However, Girl In Red acknowledges the cruel dance of timing with ‘I met you at the wrong time.’ This is a poignant admission that sometimes love isn’t enough—not when the stars haven’t aligned or when one is not in a place to fully appreciate the love staring back at them.

The Echo of Memorable Lines: Always in the Back of My Mind

In an oeuvre of lines that cling to the memory long after the song ends, ‘Always in the back of my mind, you’ll be my girl’ emerges as a haunting refrain. The song’s protagonist grapples with the enduring nature of love—the kind that lingers in the subconscious, shaping dreams and coloring thoughts even when out of sight.

This line takes root in the listener’s mind, growing into a shadowy companion to every thought of past loves. It’s a universal truth about the human condition: no matter how far we go or how much time passes, some loves will always find their way back into our minds’ most hidden corridors.

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