“Older” by Isabel Larosa

In the song “older” by Isabel LaRosa, the singer expresses a yearning for a romantic relationship with someone older, believing that a mature partner could offer more stability and understanding compared to individuals her age.

Throughout the tune, there is a recurrent theme where she mentions her desire for an older individual to “take the weight off” her shoulders, indicating a longing for protection and support that she believes can be provided by someone older. She seems to be involved in a secret relationship, as hinted in the lyrics where she questions if she is someone’s “little secret”, emphasizing her legal age to justify the relationship.

There’s a notable dichotomy in her lyrics as she acknowledges her young age but also insists that she is mature enough to handle a relationship with someone older. Moreover, she seeks comfort and understanding in her older lover, showcasing a deep connection that transcends age. Towards the end, she stresses that “age is a number” and encourages her lover to see past the age difference, conveying a message that love and relationships are not bound by age, but rather by connection and understanding.

All in all, “Older” navigates the complex emotions and desires that come with relationships that have a notable age gap, where the younger individual is in search of maturity and depth that they feel is lacking in potential partners of their own age group.

“Think I need someone older
Just a little bit colder
Take the weight off your shoulders
Think I need someone older”

When was “Older” Released?

“Older” is a song Isabel Larosa and her team released on September 15 of 2023.


She composed this tune with support from her brother and record engineer Thomas Larosa, who is also responsible for its production.


Is it better for females to have older romantic partners?

Whether it is better for females to have older romantic partners depends on personal preferences and the specific circumstances of a relationship. Some females may prefer older partners for perceived maturity and stability. They might feel that older individuals can offer more security and understanding. However, age does not guarantee maturity. It is essential for any relationship to have mutual respect, understanding, and compatibility. It is always recommended to build a relationship based on shared values rather than age.

Each individual should decide what works best for them. It is important to prioritize a healthy and respectful relationship over age differences. It is vital to communicate openly and honestly in any relationship, irrespective of the age difference.

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