“OOOUUU” by Young M.A

“Ooouuu” serves sort of like an introductory song to the artist known as Young M.A, giving the listener an insight to her character. And in a lot of ways, no offense intended, she comes off like your typical rap dude. Indeed it is pretty well known that Young M.A is in fact a lesbian and the first major artist in rap music to embrace publicly embrace such a lifestyle. And accordingly in “Ooouuu”, she raps as if she can sensually exploit a female alongside the best of them. Moreover she presents herself as being thuggish – for instance “always keeping the hammer next to (her)”, with hammer of course being a reference to a gun. Indeed she comes off sort of like a gangbanger.

Meanwhile the title of this song is let’s say a general exclamation term which in fact Young M.A and her homeys had been using as part of their own cliquish lingo well before this song came out. In fact it wasn’t until the rapper had finished recording the tune that she decided to name it “Ooouuu”. And within the context the expression is used in the song, it points to the idea of ‘shaking off haters’, as in not letting negative detractors get to you. Indeed such is also one of the main subthemes of the lyrics.

Facts about “Ooouuu”

“Ooouuu” was released on May 12th, 2016 via M.A Music. The track is featured on Young M.A’s EP entitled “Herstory”.

As of mid-2020 “Ooouuu” remains Young M.A’s only true hit, with the artist arguably being a one-hit wonder. But that does not take away from the success of the song itself, having been certified quadruple-Platinum in the United States. And in addition to charting in the US, where it peaked at number 19 on the acclaimed Hot 100. Moreover it has been recognized as one of the best songs of 2016 by the likes of Rolling Stone and Pitchfork.

At the beginning of this song, Young M.A alludes to the idea of being drunk. And she has pointed out that she was in fact “smizz and drizz”, i.e. thoroughly intoxicated, when she recorded this tune.

“Ooouuu” was written by Young M.A. And the production of the song is credited to an outfit known as the NY Bangers.

Yong M.A. came out with an official remix to “Ooouuu” featuring 50 Cent. Moreover there are a plethora of unofficial remixes by the likes of Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, French Montana, Remy Ma, etc.

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