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Peter Gabriel is an aged rocker, being 73 years old as of the release of So Much on 17 July 2023. And the reason we’re bringing that up is because the singer has revealed that this song “is about mortality [and] getting old”. He went on to explain that when you reach a certain age such as his, “you either run away from mortality, or you jump into it”. And Peter proceeded to make a very-interesting rumination in that regard, that “the countries that seem most alive are those that have death as part of their culture”.

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Concerning its composition, he also described So Much as being a “simple” song. And whereas, as to be expected, there are certain lyrics that are pretty out there, for the most part this piece is relatively straightforward, at least as far as Peter Gabriel’s usual artistry is concerned. For example, even without his explanation in tow, it’s obvious that the vocalist, “an old man”, is speaking on the subject of aging. And the conclusion also reads pretty clear, that edification during these latter stages of life tends to come from receiving love (as well as giving it).

But it is also made apparent that even in his age, Gabriel feels that there are certain goals and aspirations he has yet to achieve. Or viewed from a different angle, he isn’t looking forward to death, as there is “so much unfinished business” and “so much to live for”, even as a septuagenarian. But that said, with this age has also come the wisdom that “there’s only so much [that] can be done”.

So ultimately, there is no sentimental conclusion as to whether Peter is embracing the prospect of dying or running away from it. It rather reads as if the vocalist understands that leaving the mortal plane is inevitable and something he may experience sooner rather than later. But as made evident by the fact that Gabriel is still dropping albums to this day, there’s a lot of life left in him. Yet that said, he has seemingly made peace with the fact that being a man is such that you’re never going to fulfill all of your goals and aspirations, and even the ones that are achieved may prove fleeting.


Peter Gabriel served as the full composer of this song, i.e. both its writer and producer. And it is the seventh single from (as well as seventh track on the playlist of) his 2023 full-length I/O.

All 12 songs from I/O were issued as singles, with each apparently being afforded its own cover art by an artist of Peter Gabriel’s choosing. And in the case of So Much, said art was rendered by Henry Hudson, and the piece is called Somewhere Over Mercia.

The primary label behind this track is Real World Records, which Peter Gabriel founded in 1989, though EMI and Republic were also involved in its global release.

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