“Pressure Machine” by The Killers

The Killers’ “Pressure Machine” is largely a reflection of the vocalist’s family life and more to the apparent point how he views that reality in the grand scheme of things. The first time the title is mentioned is when Brandon asserts that “the kingdom of God (is) a pressure machine”. 

This statement, which is clearly religiously-inspired, is featured in the first verse. And apparently, all associated wording considered, what he is saying in that regard is that it’s not easy being righteous. And again, he is seemingly making the statement within the context of commenting on family life. For example, we can postulate that this is the type of advice he imparts onto his children.

And speaking of children, it is actually the concept of watching offspring grow which the chorus, and thus the song itself is said to be based on. You know how people say things like ‘children grow up before you know it’?  Well of course Brandon himself was introduced to such ideas before becoming a parent. But now, in the midst of actually watching his own seeds age, he has come to truly appreciate these types of adages. 

And let’s just say, judging by Flowers’ own explanation of this track, that he seems to be under the disposition, like most parents maybe, that children tend to be more enjoyable when they’re really young.

But in terms of his dedication as a parent, the vocalist’s goal is to make sure that they don’t grow up in debt. Also, he wants to make their childhood as happy an experience as possible. And to him, these types of sacrifices are part of a philosophy centered on making the most out of our time on the mortal plane. 

Pressure Machine

And to get that point across this time around he equates the term “pressure machine” to life itself. Or explained otherwise, life is inherently stressful, but at the same time it is also naturally pleasurable and thus meant to be enjoyed.

Indeed the way he and his family live, as implied in the third verse in reference to the vocalist’s relationship to his wife, is nothing extraordinary. 

So as far as a thesis sentiment of this song, it can be said that the simple things, like having a family to love, is what makes life most enjoyable. But at the same time, that is not to say that life itself is easy. Rather navigating through it is a high-pressure exercise whereas a conscientious effort  is necessary to make the most of it. So in a way, this can be interpreted as The Killers’ own YOLO piece.

Lyrics to The Killers' "Pressure Machine"
Brandon Flowers talks about "Pressure Machine"

Facts about “Pressure Machine”

Two members of The Killers, Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning, are documented as the official writers of Pressure Machine along with Jonathan Rado. And Rado is also one of its producers, though in that regard endeavoring alongside Shawn Everett.

This is the title track of The Killers’ seventh standard album, which Island Records made public on 13 August 2021. 

Thus far all six of their previous studio albums topped the UK Albums Chart in addition to scoring within the top 10 of the Billboard 200. And in one case, with 2017’s Wonderful Wonderful, said album reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 also.

Pressure Machine

Brandon Flowers

To note Brandon Flowers, who is 40 years old at the writing of this post, has been married to one Tana Mundkowsky since 2005. And together they have three songs, the oldest of which would be about 14 years of age.

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