“When the Dreams Run Dry” by The Killers

It has been put forth that The Killers’ “When The Dreams Run Dry” deals with the subject of the afterlife. However, it can be interpreted alternatively, as alluding to the idea of fulfillment. In other words, despite what one may presume when first reading the title, ‘dreams running dry’ is not synonymous with giving up nor losing. Rather the reason they have become so is because an individual has actually fulfilled all of them.

Now with the being established, it further appears that the singer is addressing his significant other. And what he is basically telling her is that even after they have realized all of their fantasies together – i.e. traveling to Acapulco, Honolulu and what have you – he will remain as he ‘always was, standing by her side’.

So ultimately this does not seem to be a philosophical tune, as one may presume, but rather a love song. And the underlying implication can be understood as the singer looking forward to a fulfilling future with his sweetheart. And even beyond that, he is devoted to her for life.

This track was co-produced and co-written by Jonathan Rado. In the production side, he worked with Shawn Everett. And as far as writing the song the vocalist, Brandon Flowers, also participated, as did Alex Cameron.

This is the penultimate track on the playlist of The Killers’ sixth-studio album, which is entitled “Imploding the Mirage”. Island Records is responsible for its issuance, and they did so on 21st August, 2020.

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