“Queen of Disaster” by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s “Queen of Disaster” finds the singer in love with a bad boy.  She is attracted to his “tattoos and golden grill”, with the latter item being a reference to a row of gold-covered teeth.  She is also digging the way he makes her feel “gangsta” whenever she sees him. And moreover he is the first guy to ever ‘make her feel beautiful’. 

So in recognition of her lover’s persona Lana also considers herself to be the “queen of disaster”. That is to say that she is the female equivalent of his thug character. Indeed he is the ‘bad boy that she always dreamed of’, so the implication is that she too is a bad girl. And basically she is putting forth two primary sentiments. One is that she is euphorically in love with the addressee. And secondly, one of the main reasons for such would be that with him she is fully comfortable with being herself.

Lyrics of "Queen of Disaster"

Quick Facts about “Queen of Disaster”

“Queen of Disaster” leaked online 16 May 2013.

The track was written Lana Del Rey and Chris Braide.

Chris Braide is also the producer of “Queen of Disaster”.

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