Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” Lyrics Meaning

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was written by Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury as a tribute to the legendary musician Elvis Presley, who died just a couple of years before this track was penned. And while the sound of the song is a callback to the Rockabilly style Elvis made famous in his heyday, the track in and of itself is not about him. Rather it is based on Freddie Mercury’s aversion to falling in love.

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Indeed his overall impression of romance isn’t necessarily favorable, even though he has found a woman who absolutely fascinates him. Rather than perceiving love as something that will bring him joy, Freddie sees it as an unavoidable aspect of life – one which he definitely isn’t prepared to partake of at the present moment. Thus he must remain calm and collected and not give in to the urgings of his heart. And this is the prevailing message throughout the song.

Lyrics of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

Freddie’s final solution in dealing with the situation is to run away from it altogether. To put in a different set of words, he has decided to jump on his motorcycle and get out of dodge while the going is good.

However, the ultimate feel of this song is not one to suggest that Queen is advising listeners to avoid romance. Rather this is the band’s lightly-humorous way of letting the world know that they acknowledge just how powerful love truly is.

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