Queen’s “Somebody To Love” Lyrics Meaning

This song finds Queen lead singer and the track’s writer Freddie Mercury engaged in soul searching. Interestingly enough, at certain junctures in the course of the song, Mercury even questions God directly. However, it is not simply answers that he is looking for from the Most High. Rather, more than anything, he desires to be blessed with “somebody to love”.

Lyrics of "Somebody To Love"

This request is not made out of carnal desire. Rather the reality is that the singer is going through a very-depressing stage of his life. For instance, he finds himself experiencing dread when he wakes up in the morning and indeed can barely stand beholding his own image in the mirror. He also toils daily yet lacks the contentment to show for it. Ultimately he feels as if life is treating him unfairly, especially considering his undying faith in the Most High. But from Mercury’s perspective, the worst part about it doesn’t seem to be the cosmic injustice of it all. Rather it is that he has to face these issues alone, without a loving companion.

The song climaxes with Mercury still lacking that special someone. However, he is not as pessimistic about the situation as he is at the beginning of the song, despite the unfavorable feelings that still exist within. Instead he refuses to give in to his depression and reestablishes faith of one day being “free” of the “prison cell” of negativity that has captivated his thinking. And this includes continually looking forward to meeting “somebody to love”.

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